Who needs the Corona * sign?


A wreath of rays reminiscent of the spikiness of the virus: the gender star deepens the problems it is supposed to solve. We should care about integrity instead of identity. A guest post.

Es can’t help it, but now it’s in the world and won’t give up anymore. It reminds us of Corona and that we are all potential carriers of the disease. What used to be just an asterisk awakens bad associations every time it appears. And the halo, reminiscent of the spikiness of the virus, appears often. It is used tacitly more and more often. Even the public television channels occasionally place it on the screen.

Not that there are regulations, but the editorial offices let it go. Some will surely agree. Others fear the reactions of the authors, who threaten to break off their collaboration and, even worse, with moral degradation if their asterisk is not allowed to remain in the typeface: A clear case of discrimination! Can you be so reactionary? The shit storm is already raging. A gradual transition is made, a takeover of power without any real discussion about it. Not a very democratic process.


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