Who is the mysterious “K” who took refuge in the Pepinster Athenaeum during the floods?

Surprised by the intensity and the power of the floods, several inhabitants of Pepinster were forced, last Thursday, to take refuge on their roofs, where they waited several hours to be rescued. Another Pepin was forced to break into the buildings of the Royal Verdi Athenaeum. Indeed, our colleagues at RTL relate that a mysterious “K” had to break a window before finding refuge in the school, where he left a note for the attention of the staff.

“Hello, following the floods, I found myself stuck in your school, badly injured. I allowed myself to use your premises as well as your pharmacy. Thank you very much even if you did not know it. Yours sincerely, K . “, signs the mysterious guest. Since then, school officials have been looking for the identity of this “K”, “to see if he is okay.

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