Who is eligible for increased scholarships – 6 August 2022

Full-time students of universities and colleges will be able to count on increased scholarships if they participate in the work of public associations, helping to form patriotism and civic responsibility in children and youth. Such a draft order of the Ministry of Education and Science was published on the portal of draft regulations of the Government on July 28. “Parliamentary newspaper” found out who is already entitled to an increased academic scholarship.

For young inventors and athletes
Universities themselves determine the amount of scholarships, but payments cannot be less than the standards established by the Government. This year, the minimum academic scholarship for universities is 1,755 rubles, and for colleges – 638 rubles, according to the website of the Ministry of Education and Science.

For special achievements, you can count on increased payments. To do this, as follows from the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of 2016, it is necessary to excel in studies, sports, science, creativity or social life. For example, two semesters in a row to study perfectly well, to win an olympiad or a competition.

Scientific achievements will be credited if you receive a grant or an award for research work, publish an article in a scientific journal or patent your invention, and for sports victories – if you win them at competitions not lower than the regional level or receive the Ready for Labor and Defense badge.

Those who have distinguished themselves in the cultural sphere, for example, have published a book, presented a building design at an exhibition, or systematically participated in the cultural and creative life of the university itself, are also encouraged.

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And finally, an increased state academic scholarship is awarded for achievements in social activities – if during the last year the student helped organize and conduct events at the university that are of a social, cultural, human rights and other socially useful nature.

For example, at the St. Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy, an increased scholarship is awarded for achievements in studies, sports and for active participation in the life of the university, Igor Narkevich, rector of the university, told Parliamentary Newspaper. He gave an example of active social work: “Students of the academy collected more than 25 tons of medicines for Donbass. They were awarded a diploma of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.” According to him, if the basic scholarship is about 1,700 rubles, then the increased one can reach ten thousand.

Not only at the university
With a new project, the Ministry of Education and Science proposed expanding the list of grounds for increased scholarships. This was the instruction of the president, which he gave following a meeting of the supervisory board of the autonomous non-profit organization “Russia – a country of opportunities”, the ministry explained.

It is assumed that students will be encouraged if they systematically participate in “socially significant activities aimed at developing in children and youth an all-Russian civic identity, patriotism and civic responsibility, a culture of interethnic (interethnic) and interfaith communication.” It is no longer about participation in the life of the university itself, but about work in structures that deal with youth policy. These are, for example, authorities and youth public associations. In order for the university to be able to assign an increased payment, it will be necessary to document that the student helped to hold events.

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Recall that similar goals will be set by the Russian Movement of Children and Youth, which is going to unite schoolchildren and students throughout Russia. The law on its creation came into force on July 14. The movement will have to promote the upbringing of children, shape their worldview on the basis of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, the traditions of the peoples of Russia and the achievements of Russian and world culture, as well as educate them in high moral qualities, love and respect for the Fatherland, diligence. Students will be able to become members of the movement only if they are under 18 years old, that is, they will, as a rule, be first-year students. But older students will be able to be mentors who are called upon to participate in the upbringing and organization of children’s leisure.

Presidential and government
Other types of scholarships are also paid in Russia. For example, orphans, disabled children and those who lost both parents during their studies receive a social scholarship, which is slightly more than an academic one – 2,634 rubles for university students and 958 rubles for college students.

Also, for special achievements, students can be awarded scholarships of the President and the Government. Those who study in specialties corresponding to the priority areas of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy can receive a presidential scholarship of 7,000 rubles. The quota for such payments is 2,700 people. Another 4,500 students receive scholarships of 5,000 rubles from the Government. And 700 students can count on presidential payments in the amount of 2,200 rubles for outstanding achievements in studies and scientific research.

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In addition, this year 10 scholarships of 10 thousand rubles were established for students belonging to the indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, who have achieved significant success in studying the languages ​​and cultures of these peoples. There are other types of scholarships that are appointed, for example, by authorities or organizations that send students to universities under a targeted education agreement.

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