While waiting for a broadcaster in France, the Euroleague will only be visible in OTT

Where to watch the Euroleague on TV? The soap opera has been going on for many weeks. And on D-Day, that of the resumption of the Euroleague, this Thursday, while France will present, for the first time in six years, two representatives of its Championship in the European elite, it has still not found its epilogue.

Priority market for Euroleague Commercial Assets (ECA), the body which manages the queen competition at continental level, France has still not found a broadcaster (RMC Sport was the last holder of the rights). A source close to the negotiations confirmed this to us late Wednesday afternoon. No agreement has been reached for the moment, and even if the “Discussions are continuing”, the Euroleague has made a radical choice: broadcast all the matches of the coming season as a priority via its online OTT offer (over the top, direct Internet broadcasting tool), for a fee – euroleague.tv, 80 euros the season in subscription.

David Cozette and Ali Traoré on Monaco Info for ASM matches

The Principality of Monaco, where the channels of the RMC Sport group are no longer broadcast (they were previously broadcast by Monaco Telecom), in uncertainty about the fate of its team’s posters, has chosen to make its own agreement with the Euroleague for retransmissions. Following the ASM will be possible on Monaco Info, the official channel managed by the Principality’s Communication Department – but not available on French territory. At the microphone, we will find David Cozette, as well as the former international Ali TraorĂ©.

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Why does the situation always seem inextricable in France? The stumbling block is, as often, the amount of rights, in a saturated market, affected by the Covid and whose progress is dictated, like a game of dominoes, by the rights of football.

Thus, players who have expressed an interest in the Euroleague – Canal Plus, Eurosport, RMC Sport, according to our information – none has accepted the floor price under which the Euroleague was not ready to let go – the one acquitted. until then, around 3 million euros for the package including Euroleague (C1) and Eurocoupe (C2).

Significantly increased production costs (52 matches including the 34 home matches of Asvel and Monaco in the Euroleague and the 18 matches of Boulogne-Levallois and Bourg in the Eurocoupe) have undoubtedly also cooled the enthusiasm.

LNB and Euroleague in contact

“I thought we were supposed to live the golden age of French basketball, with two clubs in the Euroleague and the two medals brought back from the Tokyo Olympics”, annoys a leader of French basketball, dismayed by the exposure problems encountered by the orange ball in France despite lights appearing to be green. Because the Euroleague is not alone in this mess. Its neighbor is the National Basketball League, whose Championship, which has rarely (never?) Been so noted on paper, is still looking for a broadcaster on the eve of the resumption on Friday.

Another sign of the urgency of the situation: for a time enemies, the two bodies are now working hand in hand – they each confirmed it – on common development formulas for their OTT solutions.

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