which animal do you like?[Romance psychology test]You can understand the answer “A person who can be ‘happy’ when you are together” – Fumi Tsukikaze Usagi | ananweb – Magazine House

Q. Answer intuitively. Which of the following animals do you like?

A: Panda
B: Lion
C: cat
D: dog

which one did you choose? Let’s see the results now.

What does this psychological test tell you?

“Someone who makes you happy when you’re with them”

In the deep psychology, “animals” are existences that give healing and joy, and are considered indispensable partners for human beings to live. And the type of animal reflects the affection and partner you secretly seek. Therefore, depending on which animal you like, you can search for “a person who makes you happy when you are together.”

A: You who chose “Panda” … a high-spec person who is smart and can work

Pandas are the most popular people in zoos. People who choose this answer seem to be attracted to types they enjoy being with. You are sociable and have many friends of the opposite sex.

Such a life-sized love affair would certainly be carefree. But you can be happy with someone who is one step above that. A high-spec type who is smart and can work is exactly that.

You can update your abilities and your life by striving to be a better version of yourself for him.

B: You who chose “Lion”… an unreliable person who wants to protect

People who choose the king of beasts, the lion, tend to be attracted to strong men of the opposite sex. You look bright and cheerful, but you are surprisingly timid, so you may have a desire to be protected by a strong force.

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But the person who makes you happy is actually the opposite type. A gentle and delicate person, the kind of unreliable opposite sex that you would rather protect. By being with that person, you can grow as a person and be happier than anyone else.

C: You who chose “cat” … a calm and steady person

People who like “cats” who are good at being spoiled are heartful and compassionate types. She’s younger and vulnerable to being spoiled, and if someone asks for help, she might end up taking care of her like a mother.

But the person who makes you happy is the calm, steady type of person you want to rely on. By being by the side of someone you feel you can confide in anything and feel safe with this person, you will be able to solidify the foundation of your life, which tends to be unstable, and attract a happy future.

D: You who chose “Dog” … an obedient and pure person

There are various types of “dogs” from large to small. If you choose this answer, you may feel that you are a calm, mature woman who is on the same wavelength as a sincere and serious person of the opposite sex.

You can be happy just like someone with an honest and pure heart. It’s the kind of person who makes you feel excited and excited when you’re with them, and who reminds you of the excitement you’ve been forgetting.

For better or for worse, you tend to unconsciously choose a conservative and stable life. However, by being by his side, your life will change into a fun and happy one.

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in conclusion

The person you like and the person you are actually happy with are not necessarily the same person. Even if you’ve never thought of it before, please put it on your potential lover list in the future.


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