Which animal did you meet in the autumn forest?[Psychological test]”Your self-affirmation” can be understood by the answer – Written by Naoki Wakita | ananweb – Magazine House

Q. You are walking through the forest to enjoy autumn. Which of the following animals did you meet there?

A: deer
B: rabbit
C: Fox
D: Squirrel

which one did you choose? Let’s see the results now.

What does this psychological test tell you?

“Your self esteem”

“Autumn” is a season that reflects the richness of your sensibilities in the depths of your psyche. And the forest represents your hidden side, and the animals you meet there are closely related to your self-confidence. Therefore, depending on what kind of animal you meet in the autumn forest, you can understand your self-affirmation.

A: You who chose “deer” … Self-affirmation level 70%

You are the self-affirming type who understands your charm by yourself. From the outside, it doesn’t look like that at all, but it’s possible that people of the same sex think, “That person is really good at acting.”

However, the opposite sex is often captivated by you, and there are quite a few people who fall in love with you. In a way, you can say that you have the smartest self-esteem.

B: You who chose “Rabbit” … 95% self-affirmation

You have a strong sense of self-esteem, and you might even say that you are a little narcissistic. However, it’s not a negative connotation, it’s a person who pays attention to fashion and makeup, and always strives to be a wonderful self.

The people around you should always see you as a neat person. However, in the depths of their hearts, there may be a high level of pride and a special view of themselves.

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C: You who chose “fox” … Self-affirmation level 15%

You may be rather humble, insecure, and have low self-esteem. It can be said that it is annoying and popular with those around you, but there is also a tendency to always be negative, thinking, “Why am I no good?”

People who know how good you are might think you’re “irritable”. Try to understand your strengths and try to accept them.

D: You who chose “squirrel” … Self-affirmation level 40%

You are not the type to have particularly strong self-esteem, but you seem to be quite sensitive to the evaluations and reactions of those around you. For that reason, there is always something to be concerned about, asking about the complexion of the people around you.

It may be good to have your own axis without being swayed around a little more. If you have the feeling of taking care of yourself, your goodness will surely shine.

in conclusion

At first glance, it seems like having high self-esteem is a wonderful thing. However, being “conceited” or being inappropriately aggressive can give the impression of being “annoying” to those around you.

On the other hand, if self-affirmation is lower than necessary, it may become difficult to live. The ideal would be to have both elements within you.

Naoki Wakita/Fortune-telling and psychological test creator
President of Human Life Publishing Co., Ltd., Corporate Divination Appraiser, University Lecturer, Shushinji Temple Priest. The custom-made diary “Mamusubi Notebook”, which was fully supervised and written, is now accepting reservations.


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