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“The most dangerous place in Earth’s history” – the Sahara Desert (Image: Adobe Stock)

at thisEarththere are manyDangerThe place that human beings cannot set foot in, and the fate of rashly entering, I am afraid that there is no return. Some paleontologists have found that the most dangerous place on the earth 100 million years ago was “Sahara Desert” because it was full of ferocious predators like flying reptiles and crocodile hunters.

The research was published in the journal ZooKeys. An international team of paleontologists has traveled to the western edge of the Sahara in northwestern Africa, a “forgotten area” of paleontology for archaeological research. Experts based the study on 100-year-old fossil vertebrate discoveries in a region of rock formations called the Kem Kem Group in southeastern Morocco.

The various fossils unearthed have allowed experts to re-understand the past and present of the Sahara region, and exclaimed: “The Sahara 100 million years ago can be said to be the most dangerous place on the surface.”

Dr Nizar Ibrahim, assistant professor of biology at Mercy University in Detroit, USA, said: “This is undoubtedly the most dangerous place in the history of the earth, and if humans travel in space and time, they will not be here for very long.”

During the research, various evidences told experts that 100 million years ago, there used to be a huge river ecosystem here, inhabited by all kinds of huge aquatic and terrestrial creatures.

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Experts explain that 100 million years ago, the region had an extensive river system and fossils of at least three large predatory dinosaurs were found at Kem Kem: Carcharodontosaurus, Spinosaurus and Deltadromeus, including Carcharodontosaurus and Deltadromeus, is a large dinosaur with a body shape of up to 8 meters.

According to Matthew Lamanna, a paleontologist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the carcharodon looked a bit like a tyrannosaur, with a short, thick snout. Just a smaller head, longer arms, and three claws on each side.

As for the Spinosaurus living in the water, Ramana described it as looking like “an evil child born of a carcharodontosaur and a crocodile”, with long forelimbs and a 1.8-meter-long sail on its back. A crocodile-like dinosaur.

Co-author Professor David Martill, of the University of Portsmouth, UK, said in the statement: “It is full of absolutely huge fish, including giant coelacanths and lungfish. For example, coelacanths may Four or five times bigger than today’s coelacanths. There’s also a huge freshwater saw shark called Onchopristis, with the most terrifying beak teeth, they’re like barbed daggers.”

Although this is not a safe place for human beings, the unearthed so many creatures from the Kamqam formation in southeastern Morocco still show that this area was once a place rich in biological resources.

Experts found that the number of predatory dinosaurs unearthed this time exceeds that of herbivorous dinosaurs. In general, there should be more herbivores than predators in an ecosystem, and predators vary widely in size, usually only 1-2 large predators that dominate the entire area. But the opposite is true in the Kamqam formation in the western Sahara Desert.

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Therefore, experts believe that the various large fish that lived in the river at that time were enough to supply a variety of large predators to live in the same area, which is the possible reason for the unearthed many large predators this time.

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