Where to see Zack, hero dog? Plot, trailer, cast and critique of the film available for digital rental

Also available in Italy Zack, hero dog, the children’s film set in Berlin of the Second World War, which tells a story of friendship and indissoluble loyalty between a boy and his four-legged best friend.

The events are based on the acclaimed book The Jewish Dog, by the Israeli author Asher Kravitz.

Directed by the expert Lynn Roth, who also took care of the script.

Dove see Zack, hero dog?

The film, produced in the USA, is distributed in Italy by Eagle Pictures, and available for rental on the streaming platform Mediaset Play, Chili, Google Play Film, Youtube, Rakuten TV, Timvision, Prime Video e Sky.

Zack, hero dog: the plot of the movie

Zack, a lovable German Shepherd, is separated from his family when the Nuremberg Laws are enacted in the city of Berlin during World War II: Jews are no longer allowed to have animals.

An SS officer decides to adopt him, to transform him into a fighting dog, capable of attacking and maintaining order inside the concentration camps. Zack does his job perfectly, until one day he smells a familiar smell …

His original owner, a boy named Joshua, is deported to his own concentration camp. Zack has kept his loyalty firm to him and will not hesitate to help him when he decides to try to escape from captivity, having to face inevitable obstacles to try to win safety.

The cast of the film

Joshua, star of the film along with his canine friend, is played by the very young August Mature (class 2007).

Other cast members are Ken Duke, in the part of Ralph e Ayelet Zurer, (known for its role in Angels and Demons, 2009) who plays Shoshanna in the film.

Welcoming the critics

The film garnered mixed reviews:

Isabelle Anguiano of Irish Film Critic gave it a score of 2½ out of 5:

“If you love dog stories it’s a movie worth seeing because it’s based on an incredible story.”

Leslie Felperin of The Guardian gave it a score of 3 out of 5:

It is a film designed for a multigenerational audience. It uses adorable puppies to attract children, but then delivers an honest and exciting story about the Holocaust. “

Gary Goldstein of Los Angeles Times writes:

Telling the Holocaust through the point of view of a German Shepherd gives the film a touch of poetic and fantastic realism. However, the film clashes with elements that are a little too conventional. “

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