Where to go on the weekend of November 26-27

What to watch

Antique salon in Gostiny Dvor

Kirill Zykov / Moscow Agency

The 48th Russian Antique Salon is taking place in Gostiny Dvor. The main theme of the salon is “Russian style”, which will unite all sections: classical, jewelry art and interior design. Top lots of the salon – two works by Karl Bryullov, works by the artists of Diaghilev’s “Russian Seasons” – Lev Bakst, Alexander Benois, Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, paired vases and a table – interior items of two Russian empresses Maria Alexandrovna and Alexandra Feodorovna, a brooch of the main representative Spanish Art Nouveau, jeweler and artist Luis Masrier.

On the stands of Gostiny Dvor you can see paintings by Russian classics of the 19th – early 20th centuries, including Ivan Shishkin, Ilya Repin, Ivan Aivazovsky, Alexei Savrasov and Vasily Polenov. Most of the works presented have not been exhibited in public for decades.

A tribute to contemporary interpretations of antique luxury will be the section “Russian Interior” presenting contemporary Russian designers, and “Jewellery Street” with works by more than 30 Russian brands.

Chekhov from the young theater “Workshops”

Alexander Ivanishin

On November 26, at the Satyricon Theater on the stage of the Higher School of Performing Arts, the young Masterskie Theater will present a performance based on Chekhov directed by Murat Abulkatinov – “L’impression. Garden”. The theater team is yesterday’s students of the workshops of Sergei Zhenovach, Vladimir Pankov, Konstantin Raikin, Alexander Koruchekov and Oleg Kudryashov. They play at different venues, and the entire repertoire so far consists of five performances. The actors give out a daring but touching fantasy about parting with their former life.

Ballet festival Context. Diana Vishneva

Alexey Maksimov

For the tenth time Moscow hosts the Context Festival. Diana Vishneva. Previously, the festival was famous for its secular flair and “imports” – ballets by top choreographers, and even staged especially for the beautiful ballerina Diana Vishneva. But the main direction of the festival has always been the presentation of their own dance projects – and now this part of the program has become the main one. From November 23-25, the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art will host the premiere of the performance “Reality” by choreographer Anna Shchekleina. A dancer from Yekaterinburg, the author of bold performances, a nominee for the Golden Mask award, recently Shchekleina presented the production of Nerve in the evening of one-act ballets Labyrinth at the Bolshoi Theater.

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This time, the choreographer wants to create the effect of visual hypnosis: the viewer, following the dancers, will go on a journey of rising above the body and returning to it.

New Nutcracker

Karina Zhitkova

On November 25, 26 and 27, a new version of the legendary ballet The Nutcracker will be presented on the MAMT stage. Choreographer Yury Possokhov, who worked in the San Francisco Ballet in recent years, is well known to the Moscow public as well. Until recently, the repertoire of the Bolshoi Theater included three of his ballets: A Hero of Our Time, Nureyev and The Seagull. The Nutcracker, which balletomanes have been waiting for for several years, will not disappoint either champions of the classics or opponents of moss: Possokhov successfully embodies a modern take on classical dance in his choreography. The Nutcracker will not lose the spirit of a fairy tale, and Polina Bakhtina’s set design promises the viewer many unexpected visual solutions. Drosselmeyer will be performed by the current artistic director of the theatre’s ballet, 25-year-old Maxim Sevagin.

Exhibition, lectures, concerts and cinema at the Zotov Center

Center “Zotov”

The first exhibition “1922. Constructivism. Start”. In the recently restored building of the Khlebozavod on Khodynskaya Street, everyone will be told about the birth of constructivism, which over the decade of its existence has changed the artistic creativity of the entire 20th century.

For constructivism, 1922 was the year of entering the practical plane – the “laboratory” developments of the 1910s were tested in practice in various fields of creativity, music, cinema, theater, architecture, and even in the everyday life of factory and factory workers. The heroes of the exhibition were Vasily Kandinsky with Kazimir Malevich, and Moses Ginzburg with Alexander Vesnin, and Dziga Vertov with Sergei Eisenstein, and Vsevolod Meyerhold with Velimir Khlebnikov. The exposition includes more than 300 exhibits from 17 Russian museums.

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On November 24, in the evening, the center will host a lecture about the engineer, designer Vladimir Shukhov. On November 25, a curatorial tour of the exhibition will be held by art critic Polina Streltsova. On November 26, there will be a concert of soloists of the musicAeterna orchestra and choir from a chamber cycle dedicated to Soviet music of the 1920s.

Forgotten Archive Film Festival

International Archive Film Festival

The international festival of archival films continues in Moscow. Unique films from the collection of the State Film Fund of Russia are shown at Illusion, Pioneer, the Tretyakov Cinema and the Cinema Museum, which has now moved to VDNKh. The program consists of films forgotten and underestimated by contemporaries, tapes that were previously considered lost. For a complete immersion in the era, silent films decided to provide real musical accompaniment.

On November 25, at Illusion, film critic Naum Kleiman will present Alexei Kapler’s film A Simple Case (1930) about the difficult relationship between a Red Army soldier and his wife. On Saturday you can see both French newsreel about Leo Tolstoy and Lenfilm documentaries from the 1990s. about rallies and the return of Mstislav Rostropovich to his homeland by Alexander Sokurov, and science fiction of the 30s.

What to listen

Festival “Road to Christmas”

November 25 in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, you can remember that Christmas is just around the corner. On Friday, a concert will be held here – the opening of the Road to Christmas festival, where baroque music will sound: outstanding works by George Handel, Henry Purcell, Jan Zelenka performed by organ and orchestra.

Concerts of pop idols of the 90s and zero

A new project has opened on Bolshaya Nikitskaya IKRA Moscow. IKRA are Chef’s Table format restaurants. Two are already working seasonally in Plyos and in Sochi, at the Rosa Khutor resort, now they decided to show how the chefs of Boris Zarkov’s restaurant alliance rethought chapters from Moscow’s gastronomic history. WRF brand chef Vladimir Mukhin (White Rabbit) called his menu “All life is caviar”: it will include “tissue caviar bread, red-hot eggs and mushroom tea”, “beluga triple caviar and digital salt”, as well as “rubbish with crab and pear caviar. Anatoly Kazakov (Selfie, Gvidon), Alexey Kogay (Sakhalin), Likarion Solntsev (Krasota) and Ilya Kokotovsky, who will become the master chef of the project, will also present their sets.

The 17th Moscow gastronomic festival. Previously, it always took place in October, but this year it has been moved to the beginning of winter. This time the tasting set is dedicated to the Trans-Siberian Railway and costs 3,000 rubles. The festival menus of participating restaurants contain a lot of northern fish (tugunok, nelma, chinook), dishes from elk and deer, berries (lingonberries, sea buckthorn, cloudberries) and algae. Fantasy, interesting and, most often, delicious. Sets are also served with 25 ml of vodka.

Moscow gastronomic festival

Weekends in Folk Trubnaya Square will host a touring brunch of a restaurant from Krasnaya Polyana called Bake Apples. Chef Andrey Khokhlov will bake tomatoes in fragrant Svan salt, cook quiches with duck, mushrooms, pine nuts and parmesan, and branded pies with juicy Sochi apples. Spelled deserves special attention, cooked in the manner of risotto with parmesan and beef tartare. According to the family recipes of the founder of the restaurant, Hera Mitrosh, homemade potato pancakes with poached eggs, lightly salted salmon and sour cream will be prepared. Wash it all down with a real southern drink – feijoa compote.

Restaurant Avocado Queen on Malaya Bronnaya not only feeds, but also gives spa gifts. Until December 21, they will be serving a menu developed by the restaurant’s chef Lyudmila Moroz together with the nutritionist of the More Spa Prevention project Elmira Sarkitova. For example, an avocado roll with persimmon-kimchi and shrimp is clearly calculated so as not to disturb the sacred balance of KBJU (the ratio of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates) for fans of healthy eating. When ordering two and three courses from this menu, eaters receive a More Spa Prevention certificate for various treatments.

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