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It is also possible to study in academic English for specialties in demand on the world market in Irkutsk. Moreover, specialists from different countries of the world teach at the BRICS Baikal Institute IRNITU. Over the years, the institute has opened several new educational programs, increased the staff of foreign teachers, attracted the interest of not only foreign, but also Russian applicants. We tell you what Irkutsk graduates can learn at BI BRICS and who they will become when they finish their studies.


At the BRICS Baikal Institute, training takes place in English in nine popular programs. At the undergraduate level, these are International Business, Journalism and Communication Technologies, Sustainable Innovative Economy, Finance and Taxation, Modern Electricity Technologies, Ecology and Environmental Protection. Master’s programs include Global Governance and Leadership (MBA), Digital Electricity and Specialized Translation (Russian-Chinese). All programs have a common idea of ​​sustainable development and a number of interdisciplinary courses, which allows not only to gain a deep understanding of their area of ​​specialization, but also to understand the trends in related fields of knowledge.

The institute’s program was drawn up based on international standards. Today some of the best Russian teachers and 11 highly qualified specialists from Australia, Vietnam, Germany, India, Iran, China and the USA work here. In the new academic year, they will be joined by specialists from Hungary and Nigeria. Educational literature and materials are presented in English, which allows you to get up-to-date knowledge from primary sources.

Since the program is conducted in English, the first year students are immersed in basic disciplines and English – they have to study grammar, vocabulary and hone language skills 12 hours a week. The first course is also immersion in the profession. Most of the subjects in all areas are general, and if the student realizes that he was mistaken with the choice of a specialty, he can easily transfer to another direction within the institute, having passed the academic difference.

International education in Irkutsk: where to get it and how much does it cost?

Dmitry Savkin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Director of the BRICS Baikal Institute:

“We initially wanted to create something that would not deliberately limit the ability of our students. Therefore, we designed and implemented an institute with a global education with a wide choice, so that students can decide for themselves where they would like to work after graduation – in Irkutsk, London, America, China or any other country. That is why we have relied on the development of cognitive skills, soft skills and project thinking. Our goal is to grow universal specialists out of students who will not only work in one place, but will be able to understand the specifics of any company and adapt to the intricacies of the interaction of an international team. “


From the third year, all BI BRICS students can go to universities in Europe and Asia for academic mobility programs for a semester or a year, depending on their field of study. Thus, they have the opportunity to add unique training courses to their curriculum that they will need in their future work.

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Double degree and academic mobility programs are available to students of the institute through partnership agreements concluded with foreign universities. The most famous partner universities are Otto von Guericke University, Viadrina European University (Germany), Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland), and Shandong University (China). Even in 2020, during the closed borders, BI BRICS students were able to travel abroad on academic exchange programs and undergo full-fledged training at partner universities.

International education in Irkutsk: where to get it and how much does it cost?

The institute has an exclusive agreement with the Alibaba corporation and its venture capital fund, which enables our students to participate in the projects of the giant company. BI BRICS cooperates with 1C-FORUS in Mongolia and 1C-Vietnam and trains specialists for their offices. In 2021, the Irkutsk Institute is preparing to conclude another contract with Huawei, and to give students even more opportunities for scientific activities. They are also waiting at BI BRICS for the opening of borders, so that the best students can undergo practical training in foreign companies, declare themselves and apply for employment abroad.

International education in Irkutsk: where to get it and how much does it cost?

Dmitry Savkin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Director of the BRICS Baikal Institute:

“In our institute there is a lot of joint scientific work of teachers and students. We plan to promote the research that they have already carried out on the market. For example, our Iranian professor has developed a mathematical model of the COVID-19 virus – it is possible to create a real digital model and offer it to medical companies for further work with it and research on the virus. The Industrial Mathematics Laboratory has already started working with Huawei – our students will create algorithms for the company’s products in Russia. Over the past year, our teachers wrote 18 articles and posted them in the leading scientific journals of the world, publication activity in BI BRICS is higher than in other institutions. “

International education in Irkutsk: where to get it and how much does it cost?


The Baikal Institute BRICS is located within the walls of IRNITU, and all extracurricular activities of the university are available to students. Since last year, the institute has its own trade union bureau, which actively proposes events, promotes the interests of the institute at the university level. And the most active students can even, while studying in commerce, apply for a rating scholarship from IRNITU.

International education in Irkutsk: where to get it and how much does it cost?

Tatiana Davydova, Deputy Director of the BRICS Baikal Institute:

“We understand that student life is not only about learning. Therefore, we actively support the initiatives of our guys. We strive to make foreign students become full-fledged members of the student community of INRTU. For this summer, we have provided them with outdoor events on Lake Baikal, so that after studying in Irkutsk they will have not only a diploma and knowledge, but also vivid memories and formed socio-cultural competence. We are the only institutes of IRNITU to launch a large-scale youtube project BRICS TV, where children can practice creating media content. Some of our students are even planning to create an eSports team, and we are also ready to help them along the way. “


To study in a bachelor’s degree, a graduate of a school just needs to provide a certificate of passing the exam. At the beginning of the year, students will receive entrance testing in English – this will allow the formation of study groups with the same level of proficiency in a foreign language. Education at BI BRICS in most areas is paid, the cost of an annual training is 200 thousand rubles. However, for applicants there are large discounts for participation in the Olympiads, the availability of certificates of knowledge of the English language and high USE scores (from 155 for three exams), the best indicators in studies and active life – up to 50%. You can learn more about teaching on the university website.

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