Where is the semi-tame peacock lady?

Many hikers, walkers, cyclists and the curious have already seen the peacock and enjoyed the sight. Of course, word of this got around in the city and the surrounding area. Adults and children alike enjoyed the ringed peacock lady. You could even feed the animal sometimes.

Night rest on a tree

The peacock spent the night safely five meters up in a hedge on a tree. Safe from the fox and other dangers. A young hare often joined him in the morning. The two got along very well, as a recording shows very nicely.

Holder has been identified

After several attempts, the inscription on the foot could be determined using a telephoto lens. The data was transmitted to the Geislinger regulatory office. After several searches, the owner was identified, but data protection prohibits the release of the name.

Who can give hints?

However, the owner was notified that he should call the clerk’s office, which has not yet happened. But now the peacock lady has been missing for a week, neither is she on her sleeping tree at night, nor has she been seen around the Kaiserstein. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the proud animal can contact the following telephone numbers: 07433/ 968418 or 0162/9152 318.

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