Where is that teacher? Hiroshima Prefecture Faculty Personnel Changes (as of April 1, 2023) | IRAW by RCC

On March 19th, the Hiroshima City Board of Education announced the transfer of faculty members effective April 1st. (Retired as of March 31)
Including recruitment, transfer, transfer, and retirement, the number of eligible people is 16 in kindergartens, 764 in elementary schools, 372 in junior high schools, 98 in high schools, 12 in secondary schools, and 30 in special needs schools, for a total of 1,292 people.
The Hiroshima City Board of Education stated, “In order to respond appropriately to educational issues and establish school education that is trusted by citizens, we will secure a systematic and flexible school management system, It is necessary to promote the creation of schools and the creation of schools that are open to the community.”
In terms of personnel transfers, we will strive to optimize the composition of faculty and staff members and enhance education at each school. For those who work at the same school, we will consider and make efforts to replace them.”

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Public elementary, middle and compulsory education school staff

Prefectural school staff

Hiroshima City School Staff

office staff

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