when will the vaccine be available for education personnel?

The turn of the screw given to the health protocol, which imposes since Monday, March 29 in the nineteen re-defined departments the closure of a class as soon as a positive case is detected, has already considerably increased the number of closed classes. In Île-de-France 160 classes were identified as closed in Paris, 315 in the academy of Créteil and 536 in that of Créteil during the last report communicated Friday, March 26 by the Ministry of National Education. The new figures should be disclosed at the end of the defense council convened by Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, but the time is not for optimism as the Covid-19 seems to be circulating at breakneck speed. Thus last week, the withdrawal rights procedures have multiplied in the establishments of 93, in particular at the Blaise Cendrars high school or at the Diderot college.

It is this dramatic situation that Clément Peyrotte, spokesperson for SE-UNSA for Val-de-Marne, reports to the World:“At this stage, there are few schools, out of the 608 in the department, where there are no Covid cases. On Monday, we already have 113 classes closed, without having had all the lifts. If we close a class for each case, you can count more than 600 closed classes by Wednesday. “.

Thus the number of infected students is skyrocketing, and the incidence rate reaches maddening heights in Seine-Saint-Denis, where it peaks between 1,000 and 1,300 in schools against 783 for the rest of the department according to Stéphane Peu. A situation that was worried about Sunday Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist and member of the Scientific Council, at JDD by asserting that“Having a high school student at home increases the risk of being infected by 30%”.

“MEDEF daycare”: the die-hard strategy of Jean-Michel Blanquer

After having lied about the figures, and cultivated the opacity on the number of contaminations at school, Jean-Michel Blanquer had fun, this Sunday, to post a parody of Pink Floyd to play down the courses in distance and praise the maintenance face-to-face lessons at all costs.

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However, despite the minister’s declarations of intent, it is indeed towards closing schools that we are heading when locally the classes are already closing by the dozen. Almost a year after the first confinement, not the slightest increase in human and material resources has been allocated to National Education and the ministry’s health protocol has proven to be medieval at best, at worst non-existent. Between ventilation instructions, measures against brewing inapplicable due to the lack of personnel and cosmetic measures, the government will have shown the little consideration it gave to teachers, students and parents. A reality half-confirmed by Blanquer on LCI, since according to him, the risk of contamination of parents by their children would be “little” with regard to the consequences of dropping out of school. In short, for this government, it does not matter whether schools are places of contamination, as long as the limits are not crossed, but especially as long as they remain open. Thus Blanquer’s determination to want to keep schools open, even if it means making them MEDEF daycare centers, will have been out of step with his desire to respond to the health crisis without allocating any additional means to schools and the government has blood on it. hands. At Delacroix high school, for example, 20 parents have already died from Covid-19, more than ever it should be said: Blanquer is responsible.

Vaccination in National Education: the great void

What the National Education needs more than ever are means. Human first, both in terms of teachers and other positions essential to the proper functioning of institutions. This is the first condition for being able to reduce class sizes which is, beyond the framework of the pandemic, a basic condition to allow good working and learning conditions. Then we also need material resources, both in terms of masks or soap and in terms of computer equipment. In addition, for all the staff who make up the National Education, the irrational management of the vaccination campaign by the capitalists is criminal.

As it stands, only staff over 50 with comorbidities listed by the High Authority for Health can be vaccinated now. If in Spain and Italy, or even in Portugal, the government has given priority to teachers, the doses are still lacking in these three countries, so much so that in Italy the proportion of vaccinated teachers ranges from 70% to 3% depending on the provinces, when in Portugal the vaccination of personnel has barely begun. In Latin America, following pressure from education personnel, governments in Mexico and Argentina have again given priority to teachers, but the effects of announcements do not weigh much in the face of reality. For Albania, Mozambique and Côte d’Ivoire, the very low number of vaccines available makes government promises null and void.

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However, in France as elsewhere, the vaccination of all the staff who make up the national education system is a condition for keeping schools open. More than ever, it is a matter of imposing that all staff on the front line facing the virus be a priority in vaccination campaigns, from teachers to cashiers, including transport workers, caregivers, etc. and to ensure equal access to vaccines and other medical products that will eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic, and against a profit-driven strategy, we must demand the socialization of patents and transparency on vaccines.

In the midst of a pandemic, it is the laws of the market which direct research and, rather than cooperating, the various laboratories and states have waged a merciless war in the race for patents and their intellectual monopoly, which provides enormous economic capital. Faced with this, we demand the transparency of research, as well as the end of the profitable aim of this research. We must also demand the socialization of patents and the end of the large private monopolies in the pharmaceutical industry, to stem the race for profits, competition between different laboratories, so that medical or technological discovery is no longer the means of a commodification of knowledge, but finally free of access to all. The control of workers, specialists and users in a public centralization of the pharmaceutical industry is the only means at our disposal to accomplish this objective and put an end to the so-called international cooperation behind which there is fierce competition. In this straight line, today it is a question of converting and requisitioning production chains to mass produce vaccines. While layoffs plans multiply, and the number of unemployed explodes, the number of available hands imposes a massive hiring plan as part of these retraining in order to carry out an ambitious and offensive vaccination policy.

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When the capitalists bargain for our health, we mourn our dead. These are the same attacks by Macron and his government that are responsible for bed closures in hospitals and class closings in schools. In this sense, the joint mobilization on Monday of teachers from the Lycée Delacroix and hospital workers in Avicenna is the embryo of a response that needs to be generalized, to force the government to invest massively in the public service. It is this convergence that we must now work to build so that Macron and his world finally pay the price for their criminal policy and it is on this condition that a return to normal life is possible and therefore keeping schools open.

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