“When we’re in a match like that, it’s the guy you put on the pitch”

Facing the still decimated Sixers, the Golden State Warriors had a trap game and for half they clearly fell into it. The men of Doc Rivers finished the first quarter with a plus 11 on the scoreboard and were up to 19 points ahead. But the team ended up waking up when they got back from the locker room and had to thank a man for that, not really the one we expected the most: Juan Toscano-Anderson, whose playing time is declining at the start of the season.

“When we’re in a game like that, which is kind of a dog fight, it’s the guy you put on the pitch. »Explains Steve Kerr

The effect was immediate and impressive. Untenable, the winger from Oakland, burst the screen after the break, author of 13 points at 6/6, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 blocks and 1 interception for a plus / minus of +21 in 25 minutes .

“You feel a different mindset because of what it means to him and the fact that he knows he can make an impact on games and he’s always up for it,” says Stephen Curry . “Anyone can use their skills and do flashy stuff, that kind of thing, but he just has this dog in him that stands out and is contagious.” We feed on that. “

Results ? The Warriors won the second half 64-35 in the wake of a perfect JTA, which also ignited the public with these two big dunks.

There was a 6-minute pass during which he scored or assisted all his own points to reduce the gap to 16 units in the last quarter.

“He was everywhere, making passes, taking rebounds, his energy is contagious,” explains Andrew Wiggins. “He put the public in the game, the team in the game, gave us that boost to move to the next level. “

“It’s great for a coach to know that you can always count on a player, like Juan, who could start, who could be the 8th man, the 10th man,” says Steve Kerr. “But you still know what you’re going to get from him.” The players love to play with him, the coaches love having him on the pitch because of his energy and IQ.

It’s his role in the team, to bring this energy, this desire, and he adopted it.

“What they’re going to have is a watchdog,” JTA says. “I’m not afraid to do the dirty work, whatever it is. I’m just going to play hard all the time. I love this sport and I am grateful to have this opportunity. “

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