When the round ball was successful at the Frigoulou stadium

Flag bearer on several occasions for amateur football in the Gard region, even in the region, in the years 1962-1982 with F. Pallade, C. Souche, R. De Malavas, L. Vincent, H. and P. Merle, P. Andréo, and a few others, at the helm of the club, and more recently in the years 2002-2012 with Thierry Merle, Gérard Daniel, Yves Comte, Djilali Maouche, etc., who led the maneuver, ASS football, during these two periods successively climbed all the ranks since the promotion from 1st division to the Honorary Division with, the icing on the cake, seven Gard-Lozère cup finals including six victories, the most recent having been signed in 2004 against Nîmes Olympique.

2019: the end of the day

Unfortunately, since the 2014 season and for various reasons, the Chemists have sunk into the depths of the district championships where they evolved in the most complete anonymity before sinking definitively two years ago. So the supporters had become scarce since 2012 and were less and less numerous whereas before, as confirmed by our 2007 photo of the time of the Comte-Maouche duo, the stands of the stadium on the road to Célas (more than 250 people) were sold out at each of the pennant team’s performances. A bygone era that is not ready to return since ASS football has disappeared from the panoply of local clubs on the eve of the hundred years of the Salindre football. Enough to turn in their graves the creators (July 1955) of the football section of the sports club, the Salindroise sports association: Roger Aimé, Henri Merle, Julien Magnanelli, Jean Lopez dit Pichette, André Massebeuf, Justin Daniel, Louis Sautel , Émile Paoli the father of Pierrot, André Delon and many others all from the Football star club Salindrois (FECS) who had ensured the transition between the FECS and the ASS.

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