When the Bulgarians realize who is behind Slavi Trifonov, it will be too late

This caretaker government of Radev plundered Northern Bulgaria. They robbed the North because the Hemus Highway is vital to the region. This was stated by the chairman of GERB Boyko Borisov during a pre-election event of the party in the village of Valnari, Nikola Kozlevo municipality. He recalled that his plans for the future were to retire when the Hemus highway was completed.

“These people really want me to govern,” Borissov said. The GERB leader explained that the difference in the economic development of northern and southern Bulgaria is nearly three times, thanks to the highways. “They also stopped the industrial zones. The caretaker government is only stopping the development of Bulgaria, “Boyko Borissov warned.

The chairman of GERB calls on the guardians of the law to see what our opponents are doing at the moment. “How to register people with disabilities who do not go to the polls, but directly fill in their ballots. We are talking about thousands. This will be the first manipulated elections. Let’s see if they will check how people with disabilities register,” Borissov said. more and more mayors and municipal councilors call him and tell him that the government is calling them to the police and pressuring them not to take part in the election campaign. “This is Radev’s green boot. This is Radevski’s democracy. And if we don’t download it in time, you’ll see later. I was in this region during the Revival process, I was a firefighter, a lieutenant in Dulovo. Dulovo, Kaolinovo, Razgrad. You know what the communists did. Exactly those like Boyko Rashkov and company. They now rule. And I don’t know why the MRF is out of their minds. If we were a party like the MRF, we would write in the statute, as we wrote in GERB, never to rule with the BSP. It is in the statute, a decision of Congress. Because they have not given up their communist past “, Boyko Borissov was categorical.

The chairman of GERB reminded that when Oresharski came, the BSP-MRF coalition bankrupt KTB. “Unfortunately, the BSP is no longer our opponent. They are gone! They are a champion in bank failures. 25-26 have gone bankrupt so far,” Borissov recalled, pointing out that during GERB’s rule, the gross domestic product exceeded BGN 120 billion. “In 10 years, we have increased the Gross Domestic Product by 90%. Now I do not know how we will recover, after only a month of the caretaker government. “When the Bulgarians realize who is behind Slavi Trifonov, behind ‘Yes, Bulgaria, it will be too late,” the GERB leader expressed his regret.

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“We have 3 million of the best vaccines in the world. Get vaccinated! You will see in September-October this horror will come again with Delta, with South African, etc. Get vaccinated because they have not ordered other vaccines, and these will “Vaccine yourself as soon as possible, because it will depend on you to be able to work later,” Boyko Borissov called on the people in Valnari.

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