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The concert is slowly and carefully starting a new season under Corona conditions – also for the hr big band. At the beginning there is an unusual mixture in the evening: Pop meets jazz. The guest star is the singer-songwriter Gregor Meyle.

Already at the music show “Sing my Song” his hearts flew to – no wonder that the tickets for the two concerts with Gregor Meyle at the start of the season were quickly gone. Big band manager Olaf Stötzler had planned two extra concerts in order to be able to welcome as many fans as possible in the broadcasting hall despite Corona restrictions. In addition, the 8 p.m. performance will also be live at Youtube streamed.

Winner of the hearts with Stefan Raab

Gregor Meyle’s career began in 2007 with the finale of a casting show by Stefan Raab. At the end of the day, the singer-songwriter faced the eventual winner Stefanie Heinzmann as the winner of the hearts. Even then, his trademark was that he only performed his own compositions. But he had his breakthrough ten years later as part of the show “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert”.

As it should be for a good songwriter, Meyle has mastered the guitar playing and has a distinctive voice that can literally grow into a rock tube. Songs like “Keine Ist Wie Du” have catchy tunes.

Still, jazz is no stranger to him. He proudly tells how he was in New York in 2014 in the studio where Miles Davis recorded his first records. With his own recordings there – the band of Branford Marsalis.


“” My songs in the guise of a big band – that’s something special “”
Gregor Meyle Gregor Meyle

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For the concert with the hr big band, Guido Jöris rearranged some of Meyle’s tracks. What that sounds like – also a surprise for Meyle: “These are all the songs I’ve written that of course also work on a small scale. But it’s all the nicer to hear it in this big band guise because it’s something completely different is.”

Pop songs in a new guise – that should be the recipe for success for a whole new concert series by the hr big band. The next guest in the “Pop-Abo” series is singer Joy Denalane in January.

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