“When Macron tries to make Bonaparte forget”


Chronic. The left’s most fueled attack on Emmanuel Macron concerns the exercise of power. In his book A troubled time (Threshold, 256 pages, 19 euros), the former socialist prime minister Lionel Jospin is fierce. It describes a president “Politically unattached”, who immediately “Discouraged the social partners”, neglected Parliament, aroused ” the sling “ among local elected officials to find themselves directly confronted with popular discontent through the movement of “yellow vests”.

Besides the fact that this representation of a solitary power of the Bonapartist type is for the left a real foil, it gives credence to the idea that macronism is only an epiphenomenon, a political current devoid of strong ties, a kind of parenthesis in the world. history as was, between 1974 and 1981, the Giscardisme, powerless in the duration to come to the end of the left-right cleavage.

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To try to break this representation which blocks, on the left, the dynamics of overtaking, the President of the Republic has moved a lot in recent months. He first changed Prime Minister to try to soften the image of a power which, at the Elysee Palace as at Matignon, had the reputation of deciding quickly without much concerting.

It has, thanks to the epidemic crisis, which authorizes the distribution of hundreds of billions of euros, reestablished dialogue with the social partners. Finally, he extended his hand to local elected officials while ensuring that most of the power remains in the hands of the central power, through the intermediary of the prefects. Now he is tackling the last and most difficult task: organizing the majority.

The bitter failure of La République en Marche (LRM) during the last municipal elections dramatically illustrated all the shortcomings suffered by the young party: inability to work on doctrine, to dominate its allies, to establish itself in force in the territory. . No large city has been conquered and the number of elected municipal officials has remained marginal.

New political construction

The turmoil within the parliamentary group, which ended up losing the absolute majority through defections, is another illustration of the existential crisis that the party is going through. Overwhelmed by their numbers as much as by the preeminence of the executive, LRM deputies have ended up wondering who they are and what they are for, which is not the best way to make macronism flourish in their constituencies.

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