When is the registration date for elementary students?

The start of the next 2021-2022 school cycle It will be on August 30, but before that day arrives, many parents have started looking for scholarships to receive support in these difficult times.

One of the scholarships that many Mexicans seek is the SEIEM 2021 Scholarship support that is aimed at basic level students who are enrolled in a particular school in the EdoMex.

You must bear in mind that this scholarship is not given in cash, its objective is to cover the partial or total cost of the tuition of the cycle that is being studied.

When can the application be made for elementary school students?

Students who are enrolled in elementary school must make their registration of the August 2-6, so write down these dates well so that you do not suffer any inconvenience.

While secondary school students will have to complete their registration August 9-13 of this 2021, so there is no excuse to apply for this scholarship.

The results will be published on October 22 on the website of the SEIEM and you will have until October 31 to print the scholarship assignment receipt.

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Requirements to request the SEIEM 2021 Scholarship

It is necessary that you carefully review all the requirements that are requested in order to be a beneficiary, since any error will have irreversible consequences.

  • The applicant must have Mexican nationality
  • In the previous period, the beneficiary must have a minimum average of 8.5, this with the exception of students entering primary or preschool for the first time
  • You must fill out the application which you can find on the following site www.seiem.gob.mx.
  • The beneficiary should not have any other support
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Also in the registry you must attach the following documentation

  • Birth certificate of the possible beneficiary
  • Official identification of the parent or guardian
  • CURP of the possible beneficiary
  • Scholarship application previously filled out
  • Proof of registration to 2021-2022 school cycle
  • Report card from the previous cycle
  • Proof of income from parent or guardian

The documentation must be attached to the site in PDF or JPG format, if you have any questions we leave you the full call for the SEIEM Scholarship for the 2021-2022 cycle.


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