When humans and dogs become a team

Pentecost tournament in Wegberg
When man and dog become a team

The DVG Wegberg invites you to a dog tournament at Pentecost. The Chair explains what is important. The association also focuses on people with disabilities.

Have you been planning for a long time to start as a team with your four-legged friend in dog sports? Now is the chance to do so. The dog sports club DVG MV Wegberg invites masters and mistresses with their furry friends to the club grounds for the Pentecost tournament. The tournament is a rally obedience test according to the current rules of the German Kennel Club (VDH). In rally obedience, the attention is on the coordinated communication between dog and human, who should work their way through the parkour as a team. For the prospective dog trainer of the Celina Schramm association, this is an attractive dog sport: “The appeal of it is that it is a mixture of teamwork and fun. You have to be a team when running parkour together. The dog must be with you. And that’s a lot of fun.”

The tournament extends over a period of two days. The first launch date is June 4th and the second is June 5th. For the latter start date, however, the starter limit of 60 registrations has already been exhausted. You can still register for June 4th. The entry fee is 15 euros. The starter classes include beginner levels one, two and three as well as a senior class. Although the association, which is run on a voluntary basis, is a member of the German Association of Utility Dog Sports Associations, it is expressly important to the association that all dog breeds and all ages of animals and humans are welcome.

In addition, you do not have to be a member of the association to register for the exam. “Last year we celebrated our fortieth anniversary and then the idea arose to do it again. Now we’re going to make it bigger, so over two days,” reports Dorothee Obst, the first chairwoman of the association, and is looking forward to the upcoming event. Word got around about this from the last tournament. This year, people from all over Germany are coming with their dogs to take part in the association’s tournament, reports Dorothee Obst. Participants from Schleswig-Holstein, the Ahr Valley or Stuttgart come to Mühlenstadt.

The club is not a dog school, but a sports club. Nevertheless, the members of the association are of course available with advice and action. First, the association looks at what dogs and humans bring with them and then the volunteers help with targeted training. In addition to a puppy group or several dog sports, the association also supports you in taking the companion dog exam and much more. “We like to play the restaurant game. Then a bottle or a piece of cutlery falls on the floor,” explains Dorothee Obst.

The serene experience of various everyday situations is also in the foreground on the Day of the Dog, which the VDH established. The dog day takes place on June 11th as an open day of the DGV with a program from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the grounds of the dog sports club. The offer includes a fun parkour or rally obedience with a wheelchair. Interested dog lovers do not need to register for this.

In addition, the day has a special character, as the DVG organizes it together with the honorary disability officer of the city of Wegberg, Petra Siegers. Dorothee Obst advertises that you can get your beloved furry friends used to wheelchairs and walkers and thus take exams. In addition, the animals help therapeutic purposes.

The chairwoman likes to remember a girl with Asperger’s syndrome: “That was the best moment when the girl said to me: Thank you! And she only ever communicated with me through the dog.” Of course, people with disabilities are not only welcome on Dog Day, but also at the Pentecost tournament. By prior arrangement, the parkour can be individually adapted and made barrier-free. From June 15th, the club will also be part of the program of Sport im Park des Kreises Heinsberg every Wednesday between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The focus is on rally obedience and everyday training.

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