When Ciro de Lucas Hund sabotaged my brief radio career

Assignment. It all started with the radio. The station “Radio RPN” in St. Pölten was my first journalistic station, the weather fell into my area of ​​responsibility. I had to put a report on the table for the moderators every hour on the hour. That was my mission.

Weather condition. But I had to face adversity. For example, there was a lack of data. So it always happened that I opened the roof window, stuck my head out and then wrote down my own assessment of the current and future weather conditions. Nevertheless, I claim that I had a similar hit rate back then as the Apple weather app today.

And then there was Ciro de Lucas dog. Because this Gfrast liked to play with paper so much, it stalked every hour on the hour to grab the lovingly formulated weather slip. De Luca, who now does body language comedy among other things, thought it was very funny.

“Mr. Hit parade “By the way, Udo Huber also worked in the editorial office. Incidentally, he had survived the “Big Ten”, which he presented month after month in some Austrian discotheque, surprisingly well.

Infinitely cool. After “RPN” was unplugged, I landed on Radio Niederösterreich. First I heard myself extensively through the bell archive (“You hear the bells of the parish church Aspersdorf”), then I was allowed to do street surveys. Because it’s infinitely cool, even on hot days I didn’t take off the thick jacket with the big ORF logo. And do you know which sentence I heard most often as a radio star in the meantime? “Well, I definitely don’t want to be on TV!”

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