When a virus slows down the joy of vacation


Actually, it should be a couple of wonderful vacation days for four Würzburgers on the island of Rügen. How Corona thwarted them.

The beacon on the pier in Mukran on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania flashes before sunrise. The island was the destination of four Würzburg vacationers. Corona thwarted them. Photo: Jens Büttner / dpa

When someone goes on a journey, he can tell something. Especially if he comes from Würzburg and currently wants to go on holiday in a federal state that has issued a ban on accommodation for holidaymakers from risk areas due to Corona. Rebecca Hornung from Zellerau can now tell you a thing or two about it, as she had to experience firsthand what it means to come from such an area.

On Thursday afternoon we went on to the island of Rügen

She left on Tuesday last week with her boyfriend and a couple of friends on a booked trip to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, she reports on the phone. “We spent the first few days in Schwerin,” she continues. On Thursday afternoon we went on to the island of Rügen. There, too, rooms that had been booked and paid for in advance via a travel agent were waiting for the four of them for a few days.

“And then we fell from the clouds.”

Rebecca Hornung – prevented vacationer on Rügen

“There was a lot of activity at the reception in the hotel because other travelers besides us checked in,” she continues. “We are then only briefly to our room, bring up the luggage, and because we were hungry, we went straight to dinner in the hotel restaurant”. There, however, the four of them got stuck in their throats shortly after. Because as the drinks and the first course had just been served, a hotel employee came to the table and told you that you would like to come back to reception. All four and please be the same.

“So we took our things out of the rooms again”

“At the reception, the woman told us that she had just compared our postcodes with the list of the Robert Koch Institute, which she received every day, and on which the nationwide risk areas were recorded. And since this Thursday it was because of the development of the Infection numbers also called Würzburg, “continues Hornung. “We only noticed half of that because we were in vacation mode. And then we fell apart because she told us we couldn’t stay in the hotel.”

The hotel employee explained to them that there was a provision by the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which refers to the RKI, that travelers from risk areas are only allowed to stay and stay overnight there under certain conditions. “I called the tour operator because we had actually started when Würzburg was not yet a risk area, but it didn’t help. So we took our things out of the rooms and drove eight hours a night across Germany back to Würzburg. Fortunately we had a little something to eat and something to drink with us, “she continues. They then spent the days planned for Rügen at home.

The four of them don’t have to worry about their money

The four of them don’t have to worry about their money. The tour operator told her that evening that it was a classic corona cancellation. This has now been confirmed after another phone call, she said on Tuesday afternoon. “We get the deposit back. I don’t blame anyone, the woman at the hotel reception only acted according to her instructions,” she continues.

Anyone from Würzburg who is currently familiar with where they are welcome as a holidaymaker in Germany can do so at the Federal Tourism Competence Center.
The web address: www.tourismus-wegweiser.de.

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