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My dog ​​doesn’t listen… why? (Photo is an image)[Photo: Photo AC]

My dog ​​doesn’t listen to what I say, even though I intend to train it properly. It may be because the master-servant relationship with the dog is collapsing. Therefore, it is better for the whole family to review their lifestyle habits, says Hundeschule Inagaki, a dog school certified as a second-class trainer by the Japan Shepherd Dog Registration Association and conducting training for dogs mainly in Tokyo.・Yoshito Inagaki, who is also the representative of Inagaki. I asked for more information.

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There is a possibility that it seems to be scolding but it is not scolding

Your dog is so cute that you can’t help but spoil it. According to Mr. Inagaki, “People who say they are strict are often not very strict.” After all, it seems that most of the time, sweet things come out of cuteness.

“When you scold the dog, take a good look at how it reacts. If the dog immediately becomes spoiled by the owner or tries to play with the owner, it is not properly communicated. If the dog isn’t depressed, it seems like he’s scolding, but he’s not scolding.”

However, of course, it is NG to take actions that scare them, such as giving them corporal punishment. Also, you don’t need to shout to discipline your dog. Keep your tone of voice low and speak calmly.

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