What’s the recipe of Mole Manor mobile game Fuzzy Mushroom?-Moore Manor Mobile Game Furry Mushroom Recipe List

In Moore Manor, players can collect materials to make various dishes. Various dishes are also classified into stars. For example, the Maomao Booming Mushroom to be shared today is a five-star high-end dish. Some friends are not very clear about the recipe of this dish. Let’s take a look with the editor below.

What’s the recipe for Moore Manor Mobile Games?

Recipe recipe: 囧mushroom x1, strange jelly beans*1, edamame*2, eggs x2

Chef level: Level 4

Material acquisition:

① Weird jelly beans: purchased at level 40 “shop”;

②Edamame: purchased at level 36 “seed shop”;

③Maomaohua: purchased in the 13th-level “seed shop”.

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