What will a pandemic spring in the Czech Republic look like? What to expect after Easter Home

PRAGUE The last week has brought unusually high temperatures to the Czech Republic for this period. Along with them, pichz and hope for the end of an endless pandemic. At the front, the thermal return of the wheel should fall. After Easter, the government should end the destruction of travel between districts on the table.

As for the children who look to the city for a year of school attendance, you can get into the bike on April 12th. The priority is now to return to classical education for young people, but so practical education for secondary and high school students. The condition will be antigen testing. The sets receive free bikes.

It’s even a week later, on April 19. And this or that bag should be heard in five weeks, also so that the wheels, even with respect to the test room, can be prepared. The government should decide on the bag and after Easter.

After the saints, it should also be decided to close the district. First of all, the government decided to extend the state of emergency. He gave them the opportunity to accept them according to the pandemic account. Nakzat uzvru district not.

Originally given by the government after the deployment gave the MSc. Finally, the state of emergency is extended by two weeks. The YES movement and the SSD voted to help the Communists in the evening. In the House, Prime Minister Andrej Babi (YES) said quite a bit that he hoped this was the last time.

Full and promises

According to him, we can’t afford to go loose now. After Easter, we will sit down on the government and announce some kind of return to the rounds and give things that the government should agree on unanimously and, of course, keep as long as possible. It is important that we do not pack it this time, Babi promised the deputies.

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The promise in the bird also fell to the shackles. According to the Minister of Health Jan Blatn (for YES), two million people should receive a vaccination by the end of April. It should reach 1.34 million doors from those manufacturers. In addition to the staff and people in critical infrastructure, the people in social services and selected police and firefighters should be involved in the registration.

In recent days, although the shackle has slowed down compared to two, during April, the bag should also speed up again. Pesto again arrived me vaccinations, not with what at the end of last year potala strategy. This includes the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which was recently approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In April, 180 thousand houses were originally supposed to drink domestically, instead there will be only 30 thousand and 40 thousand of them.

High provocation is the same for a return to normal life. Until most of the population has a vaccine, it will still be necessary to test the area. This will not only apply to companies, but also to bicycles. The test room should be the same for returning children to the classic mandatory attendance.

While companies are also required to test their employees once a week with an antigen test, the rule will be written twice a week. Antigenn bike tests get free. It is important that children are safe and that there is no infection, said the main hygienist Pavla Svrinov.

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If the wheels want to proceed to reliable tests, ie PCR, they can. They will have to pay them out of their own pockets. PCR tests must be taken to the laboratory for evaluation, and according to Minister Blatnho, there is not enough time. Laboratoe do not have the capacity to evaluate tests on all rounds.

Vlda approved the extended nonho after Easter, ie from Thursday to Saturday, and until full moon. Provide m to allow you to attend church services.

The mere presumption that restrictions on movement between districts, as well as the destruction of non-emergence, will apply until the end of the state of emergency at the latest, ie until 11 April. The two terminated due to the situation in the hospitals. The closed district did not like the opposition or the communists. First because of this, KSM refused to extend the state of emergency by giving msc and joined for only two weeks. We want to negotiate with the government that the crisis region and the regional hygienic station have the power to adjust the measures in the event of an emergency, so that it corresponds to the situation in the region, said Communist Chairman Vojtch Filip.


The Minister of the Interior and Chairman of the SSD, Jan Hamek, countered that he would close the district and put the current measures in place. The number of falls in the Czech Republic according to the decline, is slowly beginning to decrease, so the number of people hospitalized in hospitals. The measures function as a connected complex, let’s not make a mistake and let them work. I understand that the district will close everyone, but pin the results, mn Interior Minister Hamek.

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Pichz nov PES

Going before Easter, Svrinov wants to introduce a new anti-epidemic system PES. dit should have other parameters. And so far, the PES has emerged from the total number of new cases per hundred thousand inhabitants in 14 days and thus from the total number of seniors per hundred thousand inhabitants. The role was so reproductive.

According to Svrinov, the new criterion should be the percentage of positive tests for covid in addition to the finger of a hundred thousand inhabitants. I only know what the test is about and the hygiene, not a percentage of the area test. The PES should take the form of a table from which the situation in individual areas should be evident.

The system should take into account the way in which the population was provocative. When he relaxes, he will then face the fact that participants in cultural or sports events will have to have a negative test. The chain should be an exception. The amount of such risk should occur and the degree of risk that is likely to occur in summer. Only then should the exceptions for shackles apply. According to Svrinov, they will also be based on the fact that there will be enough vaccinations in the Czech Republic and whoever is interested will be able to be vaccinated.

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