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The herring feast on Ash Wednesday traditionally heralds Lent. But how is it possible to enjoy fish with a clear conscience?

11:33 a.m., February 16, 2021

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Whether with potatoes or beetroot – the herring feast heralds Lent for many. But which fish should you choose so that you can really enjoy it without a guilty conscience?

The Environmental protection organization WWF Austria recommends organic fish from local breeding: “Carp, char or trout from Austria are unbeatable in terms of freshness, quality and short transport routes. Those who want to relieve the seas and the climate are making the best choice”, explains WWF fisheries expert Axel Hein.

The organization offers a so-called “fin print” calculator so that consumers can playfully get a feel for the effects their purchase decision on fish has on the climate.

Under www.wwf-finprint.org If you choose fish, catch and transport types – information that is mandatory on the product packaging is then automatically calculated the CO2 emissions caused.

The WWF recommends:

  1. Buy fish from Austria.
  2. Buy organic, MSC or ASC certified fish.
  3. Buy fish recommended in the fish guide.

Prawns or carp?

“Tropical shrimp caught with bottom trawls are many times more harmful to the climate than carp from the Waldviertel. In addition, 34 percent of the world’s marine fish stocks are overfished and 60 percent are fished to sustainable limits. Choosing regional products is therefore twice as environmentally friendly, ”says Hein.

If you don’t want to do without sea fish like traditional herring, you’d better choose certified products than for conventional. After all, the 90 percent non-certified fisheries cause the greatest overexploitation of the world’s oceans.

MSC, ASC seal and organic certificate

For wild fish this offers MSC seal currently still the best guide. The ASC seal indicates fish and seafood from responsible farming. Guarantee the highest environmental standard Organic certified breeding products.

Consumers will find fish recommendations apart from quality seals in the popular WWF fish guide. The online reference work evaluates over 60 species according to the simple traffic light system: “Green stands for a good choice, yellow fish should be the second choice, and red-rated species are better left behind,” explains Hein. The guide is optimized for mobile devices and is quickly at hand in business. Fish recipes by renowned European chefs as well as entertaining stories about individual species round off the website.

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