What to do when your pet does not want to eat his feed

Food is a fundamental aspect of caring for a dog. It is of the utmost importance for their growth, their health and even the appearance of their fur. Therefore, it is one of the cares to which humans pay more attention when it comes to meeting the needs of their pet.

But when the furry friend decides to stop eating the feed, the concern is capital. Especially if it is a behavior repeated over time and not an isolated case. Even more so when the days go by and the dog still barely eats a bite and we begin to appreciate a drop in weight.

There are several possible causes for the dog’s rejection of its feed, depending on which one solution or another should be chosen. But the first step is to make sure he doesn’t have any disease that has made him lose his appetite or make it impossible for him to eat. If the vet confirms that his state of health is optimal, it is necessary to investigate why the dog rejects food and how to remedy it.

Why doesn’t my dog ​​want to eat the feed?

If your dog rejects a new food, he probably needs to transition to adjust to the new food. Go combining the current feed with the previous one, progressively increasing the amount of the newly added one until he gets used to it.

If, on the contrary, the animal does not want to eat its usual feed, there are different possible reasons. One of them is that you no longer like its taste or texture. It is also possible that he got bored or does not feel stimulated to eat it. An excess amount or too many shots are other options to consider.

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It may also be that he wants you to put it in his mouth like when you give him treats or treats. Or that you have given him “human” food from time to time and he prefers it over his usual feed.

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Tricks if my dog ​​does not want to eat the feed


First, try switching to a different feed to see if you like it better. Make sure in any case that it is a quality meal that provides the necessary nutrients. And stick to the recommended serving based on their age and size.


Try spreading the feed croquettes in different corners so that he has to use his nose to find them. This way you will feel more stimulated.


If you heat the feed for a few seconds in the microwave, its smell will intensify, making it more appetizing. It is also useful to mix it with hot water, which will also soften its texture and it will be easier for you to eat it if it is a puppy or an elderly dog ​​with weaker teeth.


Try to follow a fixed schedule for his meals, leave the bowl for about 15 minutes and take it away later if he doesn’t eat it. Do not give him food of any kind until the next feed and that way he will learn that he has to eat his feed when you put it on him.


If, despite all your efforts, the feed is still not eaten, it may be time to switch to another type of diet, such as natural.

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