What to do in Verona and its province during the weekend from 14 to 16 January 2022

A weekend marked by a passion for motors in Verona and, in particular, for two wheels with the expected return of the Motor Bike Expo to the fair. There are also numerous interesting appointments this week, including concerts, theatrical performances, guided tours, exhibitions, cinema news and much more.

Now let’s see below the main events scheduled during the weekend from 14 to 16 January 2022 in the city of Verona and its province.


Motor Bike Expo

From 13 to Sunday 16 January 2022 the people of two wheels will be able to return to live the experience of the most important exhibition in the world where the customized motorbike shines alongside the series production, which in Verona will present the novelties in national preview. The Custom world once again recognizes Motor Bike Expo in Verona as the most prestigious showcase to unveil a preview of the new creations of 2022: in fact, over fifty custom bikes never seen in the world will be unveiled at Veronafiere. Eight pavilions open to the public for a total of 600 exhibitors and an area of ​​120,000 square meters.


Ecological Sunday in Verona

Sunday 16 January takes place the second of the seven ecological Sundays scheduled in Verona until 30 April 2022. The voluntary collection of waste in various points of the city has been confirmed. A similar initiative will be repeated in the waters of the Adige river on the rubber dinghies made available by the Canoa Club Verona, which adheres to ecological Sundays with the “Fiumeggiando” project. On the cultural front, the Civic Museums offer a trip to the historic buildings of Verona that have become city museums and three free guided tours to the Natural History Museum by paying the entrance ticket. News also for the little ones, who will be able to enter for free at Children’s Museum.

Custoza restaurateurs

Producers, wineries and restaurateurs make an appointment to taste special dishes and menus based on Custoza broccoli. The activity involved all the restaurateurs of Custoza, the producers enrolled in the Broccoli Producers Association from which it is possible to buy the product directly, the cellars of Custoza and the municipal area. Here the program of the initiative.


Luca Olivieri live

Luca Olivieri on January 14 at the Cantine de l’Arena offers classics of Rock ‘n’ roll, country music and also his compositions in full American style. Great performer and amazing musician, Luca discovers the guitar at the tender age of three. Since then a great passion has been born which over time becomes a fundamental part of his artistic sensitivity and his way of being a musician, gaining more and more credibility thanks also to his collaborations with international artists such as James Burton (the famous Elvis guitarist), Albert Lee, Tommy Emmanuel, John Jorgenson, Johnny Hiland.

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Mauricio Melo Trio

Sunday 16 January at the Cantine de l’Arena a journey into the different Afro-Brazilian rhythms: from samba to Xaxado, from Chacarera to Gnawa revisiting the classics of Jobim, Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal, but also of composers from Bahia, with whom the band leader Mauricio Melo got to collaborate. Guest of the evening Peo Alfonsi, guitarist who has always been oriented towards jazz and the sounds of popular music.

Alberto Salaoni & Al-B.Band live

Saturday 15 January 2022 the live music of Alberto Salaoni & Al-B.Band entertains and excites Boscomantico Live, at Boscomantico Airport (Via Boscomantico, 6, Verona info: 347 644 4721). It is the perfect event to start listening to live music and singing, with friends, in total safety. Those who wish can also dine, obviously to the rhythm of music.


Mulinobianco – Back to green future

The company Babilonia Teatri returns to Verona on Friday 14 January with its latest work. “Mulinobianco – back to green future” is staged at the Camploy Theater. On the stage, experimental theater without filters, direct and lashing, a mix of rock, pop and punk that feeds on the contemporary. The show questions the relationship that man has established with the planet he inhabits.

Edipo Re in Virtual Reality

Debuted last May, the latest production of Fucina Machiavelli reruns on Saturday 15 January: it is a unique theatrical experience, in which the classic tragedy of Oedipus the King comes to life through the most modern technology. “Oedipus Re in Virtual Reality” is a show that challenges the limits of the theater, where the spectator is no longer a passive user but becomes the protagonist thanks to virtual reality.

The man who planted trees

The show “The man who planted trees” is back on stage at Modus, but in a completely revised new edition. A theatrical-musical reading from the well-known story by Jean Giono, produced by Modus and scheduled for Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 January 2022.

Cyrano de Bergerac

“Cyrano de Bergerac” will be staged on Saturday 15 January at the Dim Theater in Castelnuovo del Garda as part of the prose review organized by the Aida Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality. The company Il Sipario Onirico from Lonato del Garda staged it, directed by Fabio Tosato.

The old Man and the Sea

“The old man and the sea”, a show for children staged at the Teatro Stimate in Verona on Sunday 16 January. Santiago fished alone on a small sailboat, but two months have passed since he last caught a fish and all the inhabitants of the town are beginning to think that he is not as good as he used to be and that bad luck is haunting him. ..


America Latina

Among the novelties in the room we note the new work by the D’Innocenzo brothers, America Latina, starring Elio Germano: «Massimo Sisti is the owner of a dental practice that bears his name. Professional, kind, calm, he has conquered everything he could wish for: a villa immersed in peace and a family that loves and accompanies him through the days, months and years. One day like any other Massimo goes down to the cellar and the absurd takes possession of his life ».

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Everything went fine

Another novelty not to be missed in the cinema is the film by François Ozon, Everything went fine, starring Sophie Marceau: «When the 85-year-old André has a stroke, his daughter Emmanuelle rushes to his bedside. Sick and half paralyzed in his hospital bed, André asks Emmanuelle to help him end his life. But how can such a request be honored when it comes from one’s parent? ».


Friday at the Palazzo

A single project for two tour itineraries that will allow you to deepen the history of Palazzo della Ragione and Palazzo Barbieri, the first and current headquarters of the Municipality of Verona. The initiative, entitled “Friday at the Palace. From Palazzo della Ragione to Palazzo Barbieri. From the Middle Ages to today”, takes visitors to Palazzo Barbieri, where it will be possible to discover the history of the building and the square that hosts it, and admire the large canvases by Paolo Caliari, known as Veronese, and by Felice Riccio, known as Brusasorzi, kept in the Sala degli Arazzi and in the Sala del Consiglio, and it will be possible to access some representative offices to observe works of art of great value.

The origins of Christianity in Verona

The itinerary takes place on Saturday 15 January between the Duomo complex, which, with the archaeological area at the church of Sant’Elena and the cloister of the Capitolare, includes the remains of two early Christian basilicas which constitute the oldest testimony of Christian worship in Verona, and the Church of Santo Stefano, across the river, dedicated to the first Christian martyr and founded in the early Christian era, which houses the burials of the first Veronese bishops.

Baroque Verona

The Veronese seventeenth century is the century of contrasts (religious tensions, the great plague of 1630, banditry …), condensed in the chiaroscuro of the baroque, theatrical and macabre style, splendid and disturbing like its time and its characters.
The visit includes the entrance to one of the richest reliquaries in Italy. Appointment Saturday 15th January.

Verona in yellow

A long yellow line, often tinged with red, crosses the history of Verona, whose meanders return a story made up of heinous crimes and unsolved mysteries: a path to be faced in “cold blood” that starts from some historical truths such as duels at the last blood of the gladiatorial fights, but then aims to unearth some forgotten tragic events, which have studded the history of Verona. Appointment Sunday 16th January.

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“Passions and visions” at the Gallery of Modern Art in Verona

The story of the birth of the Achille Forti Gallery of Modern Art told in a new exhibition itinerary of over 150 works. This is how the passion for art and the far-sighted vision of Ugo Zannoni, Achille Forti, Licisco Magagnato and Giorgio Cortenova, four fundamental characters for GAM and its identity, are presented to the public in a special exhibition curated by Francesca Rossi. and Patrizia Nuzzo.

Ancient vases at the Archaeological Museum

The charm of the Etruscan bucchero on display at the Archaeological Museum at the Roman Theater. Open to the public, in the room dedicated to temporary exhibitions, the new exhibition on “Ancient vases”, curated by Margherita Bolla, which dedicates a special focus to Etruscan ceramics. A section, open until 2 October 2022, which presents some of the most evocative pieces of the collection of pre-Roman ceramics, about eighty vases from the seventh to the fourth century BC, which make up a part of the rich collection of the Archaeological Museum, not normally on display to the public.

The watercolors of Francesco Arduini in Castelvecchio

New display in the Boggian room of the Castelvecchio Museum. On display are the 60 watercolors donated this year by Francesco Arduini for the Drawings and Prints Department of the Scaligero Museum. A special exhibition, on view to the public until 6 March 2022, created to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Licisco Magagnato.

The animals of Christmas at the Natural History Museum

The animals of Christmas. Winter life in our mountains. This is the theme chosen for the new temporary exhibition set up at the Natural History Museum, visible until January 30th. A real journey to discover the particularities and characteristics of the animals that populate our mountains, with the support of scientific explanations that, for example, explain the phenomenon of hibernation and the species that use it to survive the winter cold.

Soave – The Land of Nativity Scenes

“Soave – The Country of Nativity Scenes” is back, the traditional festival which, during the holiday period until January 16, 2022, transforms the medieval village of Soave into an open-air exhibition, with the many artistic nativity scenes that will embellish the most beautiful in the historic center.


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