What to do in August with the dog?

Mid-August with the dog, between the beach, travel and organization.

Mid-August with your doghere are some ideas on how to spend this day in a fun way.

Before leaving

Have you decided to leave? There is some advice that we would like to share with you before departure, whatever your destination for August 15th:

  • administer a pesticide to the dog and check that the animal has all the vaccines in order;
  • do not forget to pack a leash, a muzzle, a medal, a bowl for water, a pet carrier, a sunscreen;
  • with respect to the place of destination, inquire about the presence of pharmacies or veterinary clinics for any eventuality;
  • include in your dog’s diet popsicles for dogs or seasonal fruit.

At the beach!

Dogs love the seathey will greatly appreciate the opportunity to swim, run happily on the beach and play together.
Check that the chosen beach accepts dogs and offers the services your dog needs.

Important: to avoid the heatstroke in dogs, bring portable dog tents with you and freshen your dog regularly with fresh water. After each bath, wash your dog with a neutral shampoo to prevent irritation due to sea water.

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