What to do if you are bitten by a dog

A dog bite – be it a pet or a street mongrel – can be fatal to humans. We will tell you what to do in such a situation with the wound and the animal that bit you.

If the dog is domestic

If you are bitten by your pet, the first step is to thoroughly rinse the wound with running water and soapy water. It is better to use laundry soap: it contains alkali and is more likely to kill possible viruses in the wound. After that, it is necessary to treat the wound with chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic, and apply a bandage on top – and immediately go to the nearest medical facility. There, if there was a chance of contracting the rabies or tetanus virus, the doctor, after treating the wound, will prescribe a course of vaccination. It can be interrupted if the examination reveals that the animal did not tolerate diseases.

What to do with the pet itself? It is necessary to take the dog to the nearest veterinary institution – there it will be examined and quarantined. After quarantine, a conclusion is made about whether the dog was healthy. If everything is fine with the animal, then you can complete the vaccination course ahead of schedule.

To avoid such situations, you need to vaccinate your pet. In Sevastopol, an annual preventive vaccination of dogs and cats is carried out – you can find out about the dates on the official resource of the city veterinary department in Instagram. Vaccinations are free of charge and are available at many out-of-the-box vaccination sites.

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If the dog is street

The procedure for treating a wound remains the same. If there is no running water nearby, try to clean the wound with available means: for example, wet wipes. If the wound is very deep or the dog has damaged muscles or blood vessels, it is best not to try to stop the bleeding on your own and call an ambulance right away. If the wound is not very deep, then after treatment immediately contact a medical institution (usually patients with animal bites are admitted to a trauma center).

To prevent the stray dog ​​from leaving, you need to call the specialized catching service – they will deliver the animal to the veterinary institution. In Sevastopol, you need to call the department of municipal services by phone +7 (8692) 44-97-52.

What are the consequences?

Tetanus and rabies are most common in dogs. These are viruses that are fatal to both animals and humans – which is why preventive measures are so important.

The tetanus virus can be infected not only from a dog, but also in everyday life – any infected wound can be fatal. There is a prophylactic ADSM vaccine for tetanus that should be renewed every five years.

Without vaccination, a person infected with the rabies (hydrophobic) virus dies in seven days after an incubation period (from 10 days to a year). The sooner a person infected with the virus starts vaccination, the better. You can stop the course only if the virus in the animal that bit you is not confirmed – in other cases, the bite can be fatal.

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To avoid possible infection with tetanus and rabies viruses, beware of stray animals and minimize contact with them. Remember: rabies virus can be transmitted not only through a bite, but also through salivation of the skin. And pets are entitled to annual vaccination, which will protect not only the pet itself, but also its owners.

Daria Makridina

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