What should I do if my dog ​​bites?

For a dog, biting is most often a natural behavior, but it can also be an expression of stress. Regardless of age, this type of reaction should not become a habit. Why does your dog bite? Are there any methods to prevent it? How should you react? Answers.

The mordillements of a puppy are perfectly normal. But an adult dog should no longer have this behavior.

Why does my dog ​​bite all the time?

For your young pet, chewing is a way to learn, explore their environment and interact with those around them. This behavior remains recurrent until 7 or 8 months, without distinction of particular breed.

At this age, your puppy bites for several reasons:

  • test his strength;
  • show affection;
  • playing with siblings or other animals;
  • defend themselves following an aggressive gesture…

He can also “teeth”. The mother of the litter also encourages this behavior so that the pup masters its strength. This is then referred to as bite inhibition or control. A premature separation can therefore cause a problem if the animal is not reprimanded by its master.

Does your adult dog always bite? It can mean anxiety or boredom that it carries over to material, or even to yourself. For him, it can also be a question ofget your attention. It is then necessary to intervene.

How to make a dog stop biting?

When a dog bites your fingers, for example, you can give him a bone or a chew stick. This solution is effective, but temporary. It should also not be made a habit. Your pet might liken it to a reward. A toy is another way to divert his attention.

L’dog training also plays a key role. Learning simple commands is an excellent base. For example, use the terms “stop” or “no”.

It’s never too late for a dog to stop biting. However, if the animal is older, it will take more work and patience to achieve satisfactory results.

What to do or not to do if a dog bites you?

As with its congeners, a biting dog can do it in a game. Show your pain in an exaggerated way, and stop all contact with him, both visual and tactile. Leave him alone and don’t give in, even if he barks or whines.

As a general rule, ten minutes is sufficient. Stopping play and ignoring your dog has better results than punishment. Moreover, it is completely useless if you notice material damage that has occurred in your absence.

When a dog or puppy bites, it is important not to make sudden gestures. They could be interpreted as a form of encouragement. Violence is also prohibited and has no effect except to make the situation worse. Indeed, a balance of power alters the relationship with your pet.


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