What projects for digitalization of education were considered in Nur-Sultan

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What projects for digitalization of education were considered in Nur-Sultan

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – The capital regularly hosts an IT council meeting, where the topical issue is the search for promising projects for the city and its residents. To date, 7 meetings of the expert environment have been held, within the framework of which more than 50 projects were considered, 7 of them are at the piloting and testing stage, Kazinform MIA reports with reference to the official website of the city akimat.

The last meeting of the council was held in the area of ​​education, at the meeting 8 IT companies presented unique tools for a wide range of applications, including in the field of education.

One of the brightest projects that was presented at the site of the IT Council is the solution of the company “IT Smart Solutions” called “Autonomous multifunctional equipment”. The innovative technology allows you to purify and disinfect the air, thereby carrying out ionization of the room, monitor air smoke, conduct round-the-clock video surveillance and visual control. In the near future, it is planned to test ionization in a school in the capital; at the moment, a study is being carried out on the implementation of the system.

Also at the AIU site, a project was presented to develop interactive information and training stands for educational organizations of the company “iVOX”. Smart stands can be installed in educational institutions instead of the traditional information stand. An interactive stand displays information through scanning a QR code that can store gigabytes of data. For example, the stand can be updated remotely every day, if necessary. Information on each topic is stored in one cloud, which can be managed through a web application. At the moment, as part of the pilot, the stand is installed in the capital’s school No. 59.

At the meeting, they talked about three BCPD platforms in the field of education. Alpharabius, University of the future, QWANT platforms are aimed at increasing the professional and life skills of students for the continuous development of human capital. Indeed, today the level of human capital is the main indicator of the country’s sustainable growth. Thus, the QWANT platform prepares highly qualified IT specialists for the digitalization of cities, regions and increasing the efficiency of IT education.

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Next, a project was presented to ensure safety in schools by installing CCTV cameras from the TargetAI company. A video surveillance system management platform with analytic modules allows events to be digitized and turned into data. The source code is 100% domestic product and implements the principle of digital transformation of the city and country. The system contains a lot of tools; today this solution is being tested in the “Saryarka” area.

Moreover, technologies to improve the education sector were presented at the Elbasy Academy, Nazarbayev Ortalygy. A digital ecosystem of social projects of the “El umiti” initiative has been created here, uniting all IT solutions. For example, the Smart Ustaz platform, which is part of the ecosystem, combines services that allow teachers to take courses on the development of soft skills and competencies in an online format, teachers will also be able to create communities of interest, exchange experiences and create an environment for attracting new knowledge to improve quality of education. And Nazarbayev Ortalygy has a number of coworking spaces and laboratories for Moscow schoolchildren, such as laboratories for robotics, engineering, design, virtual reality and others. The next project was presented on the digitization of universities and colleges of the company “Digital Information and Transformation”. One of the systems – smart college – has integrated more than 30 services, including academic performance, schedule, employment through the enbek.kz portal, ticket discounts and others, where the application focuses on the student.

It is worth noting that, since September last year, the IT Council has made it possible to improve the communication process and build it in an “open dialogue” mode. Here, each presented project is unique in its own way, the main mission of which is to make the life of citizens better. Involvement of the expert environment represented by the IT community makes it possible to analyze which solutions are relevant right now for implementation and testing. As practice shows, thanks to the optimization of existing processes, information technologies penetrate into all spheres of life, and thereby make the capital a comfortable city for everyone.

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