What it costs Gandia to collect animals from the street and maintain the feline colonies

Presentation of the new Gandia animal collection contract. / lp

The Protectora assumes the management of lost or abandoned dogs and cats


The Gandia City Council has announced the start-up of the contract for Animal Welfare Management, awarded on June 8. The Councilor for Animal Welfare,
Liduvina Gilaccompanied by the veterinarian of Animal Veterinary Clinic,
Alicia Peiro, and the president of the SPAMA La Safor Protective Society,
Salvador Tormo, have indicated that the agreement is made up of two lots: the collection service for lost, misplaced and abandoned animals in the municipality of Gandia and the health management of urban feline colonies. Everything will cost more than 143,000 euros.

The first batch of the contract, for a collection service, has been awarded to the Society for the Protection of Animals and the Environment (SPAMA) La Safor for an amount of
119.998,12 euros for one year with two more extendable. “The aim is the collection and temporary shelter of abandoned or lost animals; their health control; their epidemiological control; and the possible risks arising from attacks or accidents caused by these animals,” said the councilor.

As the president of Spama explained,
1,243 animals have been collected in Gandia and 1,000 have been given up for adoption, of which 960 are felines. “This year fewer cats have been collected, this means that the campaign of other years is noticeable,” he said. However, she wanted to clarify that the protector is in charge of collecting all kinds of animals.

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The Councilor for Animal Welfare has pointed out that the novelty this year is the new contract awarded to
Animals Veterinary Clinic for an annual amount of
23,999.14 euros for one year and two more extendable. This is a program that will control the birth rate and monitor the health of felines in the colonies of Gandia. “Lately, they have had a lot of proliferation and we have opted for a policy of sterilization, and regrouping, identification and control,” Gil specified.

“This year it will also be possible to arrive thanks to the help it has given us in terms of deworming and health,” Peiró said. Thus, for the first time all the animals in the feline colonies will be dewormed and 200 cats will be sterilized to reduce the number of cats in these colonies.

The three have appealed to people’s responsibility to adopt only if they can give pets the care they need and thus prevent the number of abandoned animals from increasing. The City Council provides a contact so that citizens can call if they come across a lost, misplaced or abandoned animal: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the phone 96 295 96 41; or outside this time slot by calling the Local Police.

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