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In April of this year, the regional law on the responsible treatment of animals was adopted. Now municipalities are engaged in the capture and maintenance of stray animals. How does the new mechanism work?

The territory near the butcher’s shop in the Builder is a tasty place for stray dogs. Therefore, the catching service placed its lures right here. And the vagabonds turned out to be incredibly smart. If they entered the cage, it was only with their front paws, trying to reach for the treat. But, after about 20 minutes of successful attempts to trick the bait, one dog still lost its vigilance.

Flocks of vagabonds are a long-standing and acute problem in the Tambov region. But now this issue has been resolved. The district administration has signed a contract with the Bondarsky shelter. It is there that vagabonds find a temporary refuge.

In just a month, the staff of the Bondarsky shelter managed to catch 150 dogs in the Tambov region. About 30 of them have already been released where they were found. They catch street children in a humane way, with the help of such cages. They put bait in them and as soon as the dogs go inside, the door closes automatically.

The shelter makes these cells on its own and constantly modernizes them.

Upon arrival at the shelter, they are examined by a veterinarian, after which they are quarantined. After quarantine, they are vaccinated against diseases, sterilized and, after 20 days, returned to their habitats,

– Victor Popov, head of the agriculture department of the Tambov region administration.

True, especially aggressive dogs, whose temper is not even tamed by sterilization, are still left in the shelter for life. But these babies will stay under care until they are 7 months old, and will be released into the wild. The goal is not to exterminate homeless people, but to reduce their reproduction.

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And here is a good example. Dogs spayed at the shelter are distinguished by an ear tag. By the way, if the caught animal is sick or injured, it must be treated.

This year, 27 million rubles have been provided for and included in the budget, and have already been brought to the attention of local governments, which are intended for the implementation of the law on the responsible treatment of animals. This money is allocated for catching, delivery to the shelter, 20-day maintenance and veterinary activities,

– Alexey Filin, Head of the Veterinary Directorate of the Tambov Region.

Now in the region there are shelters for dogs in Bondarsky and Muchkapsky districts. Two more will be opened very soon – in the village of Novaya Lyada and in Tambov.

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