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About Kenchin-jiru

What kind of soup is Kenchin soup?
I will explain the commonly used ingredients and the meaning of the word “kenchin”.

What is Kenchin-jiru?

Kenchin-jiru is one of the devoted dishes, and it is a sushi soup that mainly uses root vegetables.
Fry the ingredients in sesame oil, add the soup stock, simmer, and boil in soy sauce to taste.

Kenchin-jiru ingredients

The main ingredients are radish, carrot, burdock, taro, konjac, and tofu.
Since it is a devoted dish, animal foods such as meat and fish are not used.

Origin of Kenchin-jiru

There are various theories, but Kenchin-jiru is derived from the soup made by a monk at Kenchoji Temple in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
It seems that the soup, “Kenchojiru”, has become “Kenchin-jiru”.

Difference between Kenchin-jiru and other soups

Let’s see the difference between Kenchin-jiru and other soups.
Here, we will compare it with pork soup and noppe soup, which use ingredients similar to kenchin-jiru.

Difference from pork soup

Like Kenchin-jiru, pork soup is made by stir-frying root vegetables, konjac, and tofu, and then simmering them.
The materials and processes are similar, but there are clear differences.

That is whether to use pork.
Pork is used for pork soup, but it is not added to Kenchin-jiru. Kenchin-jiru is originally a shōjin dish, so it doesn’t use meat.
However, recently, some have been arranged with meat added.

Difference from Noppe soup

Noppe soup, like Kenchin-jiru, is a soup that mainly uses root vegetables.

Noppe soup is different from Kenchin-jiru in that it is thickened with potato starch.
In addition, chicken is often used, and salmon and kamaboko may be added in some areas.

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DELISH KITCHEN Kenchin-jiru recipe

Let’s take a look at the recipe for Kenchin-jiru.


This recipe is easy to make using Japanese-style granule soup stock.
Experience the savory scent of sesame oil and the delicious flavors of vegetables.

Kenchin-jiru of root vegetables

It is a dish with plenty of ingredients that contains plenty of root vegetables.
You can easily determine the taste by using soba soup. You can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients, which is typical of shōjin ryō.

Ginger Kenchin-jiru

Kenchin-jiru topped with grated ginger.
It’s a simple seasoning, but the vegetables are first fried in sesame oil, so it has a rich flavor.

DELISH KITCHEN’s Kenchin Soba / Udon Recipe

Kenchin-jiru can also be arranged for soba and udon noodles.

Kenchin soba

A recipe for warm soba with plenty of ingredients and volume.
The soup with plenty of root vegetables and chicken will soak into your body.

Kenchin Udon

A recipe for udon noodles that has a gentle taste and is warm.
The ingredients and udon noodles soaked in soup stock are delicious and never get tired of.

Let’s make Kenchin-jiru, a devoted dish!

In this article, I explained about Kenchin-jiru.
Kenchin-jiru is a soup made with ingredients such as root vegetables, konjac, and tofu, and is one of the devoted dishes. Although they are made in a similar way, they have slightly different characteristics from pork soup and noppe soup.

Please refer to the recipe introduced and make Kenchin-jiru with plenty of vegetable flavor at home.


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