What is health transport in Barcelona?

Health transport service in Barcelona

Hire a ambulance or a medical transport service in Barcelona it is, fortunately, something quite unknown to most of the people who encounter this need.

What do you have to do to request an ambulance? Who do I call? What do I have to ask for? How long will it take? We will tell you about it in this article.

What is medical transport?

The medical transport is the one that is destined to people with some disease, injured or for another health cause that makes it impossible for them to use ordinary transport.

There are different types of health transport in Barcelona, ​​each of which is more suitable for a specific type of patient or pathology, so it is important to know them, in order to make good use of them.

It consists of the transfer of people in a situation of critical illness, from the place of the accident to the nearest hospital or medical center.

This service involves the special transfer of patients who suffer from some physical or medical impossibility, but on a scheduled basis. It is normally requested in advance, to allow the adequate resources available.

When can you request medical transport in Barcelona?

This type of service can be requested when your doctor considers that there is physical impossibility or other exclusively medical causes that prevent or incapacitate you from using ordinary transport.

When requesting the health transport service in Barcelona, ​​you must provide a detailed description of access to the place, with reference points, and the exact address where emergency care is required. Provide the complete information requested by the emergency personnel to facilitate the provision of the service.

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Grup La Pau services

Grup La Pau has a consolidated track record in providing healthcare transport services in Barcelona.

The main area of ​​influence of the cooperative are the areas of Barcelonés Norte and the coast of Maresme, up to Mataró. Furthermore, in recent years, adapted transport (buses) has been promoted to provide services to public health transport entities in Catalonia.

Grup La Pau has become a benchmark in the provision of health and adapted transport services and preventive services. A trade in which time, attention and care count.

If you require a medical transport service in Barcelona, ​​count on us. We are backed by more than 35 years of experience. Contact us!

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