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Education is above all self-education and the most harmonious development of the whole person, one could claim, based on the classic philosophy of education. At present, however, education is often only spoken of superficially or in a completely irrelevant way in connection with school and university. The anthology brings together texts from Herder to Schiller, from Humboldt, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Adorno to Foucault, Koselleck, Rorty and Butler on the topics of the classic concept of education, cultural criticism and overcoming alienation, criticism of false education in the name of life and the problem of semi-education and lack of education – to provide orientation for a discussion of what education is and what it could be.

Table of contents:


Education rediscovered
Michel Foucault
arts of existence
The concern for yourself
hermeneutics of the subject
Richard Rorty
visual philosophy
Judith Butler
The uneasiness of the sexes

Education classic
Johann Gottfried Herder
journal of my journey
education of humanity
progress and humanity
Wilhelm von Humboldt
theory of human formation
program and practical reform
About the study of antiquity
borders of the state

Cultural criticism and overcoming alienation
Friedrich Schiller
Use as an idol of the time
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
The uneducated thinks abstractly
The alienated spirit

Historical and cultural-scientific interim observation
Reinhart Koselleck
Education is neither training nor imagination
Georg Bollenheck
Splendor and misery of a German pattern of interpretation

Criticism of a misunderstood education in the name of life
Ar thur Schopenhauer
Self-thinking instead of erudition
Friedrich Nietzsche
Of the Benefits and Disadvantages of Life
decay of education
The former German education

Education today in the face of semi-education and lack of education
Theodor W. Adorno
semi-education theory
Konrad Paul Liessmann
theory of ignorance
Robert Spaemann
Who is an educated person?
Peter Bieri
How about being educated?

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