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In response to the arrival of Earth Day in 2021, we decided to start the “Book of Earth Completion Project”! Invite everyone to share your mind, those books that are super suitable for Earth Day reading!

Talk about the “Silent Spring” that opened up environmental awareness

Speaking of caring for the environment, what book do you think of? The S editor will immediately remember the must-read classic recommended by the school when he was a child-Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. This book was published in 1962, nearly 60 years ago, and it can be said to be the beginning of the modern environmental movement in the United States.

In the past, Rachel Carson used investigations and collected scientific data to point out that the negative effects of the abuse of DDT and other pesticides not only changed the ecology, but also made the spring, which should have been scented by birds and flowers, become a terrible silence.

In the past, many people believed in “Man will conquer the sky.” However, the book “Silent Spring” points out that living things are closely related. When human beings harm animals and plants, pollute soil and water, they also unknowingly increase us. Own risk of disease.

After the publication of the book, the attention of the society was awakened. As a result, the US Congress established an ad hoc committee, and finally passed legislation prohibiting the continued use of DDT, writing an important page in the history of environmental protection.

So, how do humans usually treat the earth?

Assuming that humans and the earth are “friends”, then we may be the most annoying kind of annoyance.

Why do you say that? Because we squander the resources of our friends. According to the “Food Waste Index Report” released by the United Nations this year, the global population wastes nearly 1 billion tons of food every year, and 1/3 of the food output is actually never consumed.

Not only waste, but humans also love littering. According to research estimates, up to 8 million tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year, causing many various environmental problems.

Having finished talking about the world, let us look back at Taiwan. We mainly obtain electricity through firepower, which accounts for 80% of the total electricity consumption. In the use of electricity, the most important consumers are industrial-related sectors, which account for about half of the total electricity consumption.

When it comes to thermal power generation, you might think of air pollution. Let me test you: On average, which county in Taiwan has the most days of poor air quality? The answer is: Kaohsiung! That’s right, next time a friend from Kaohsiung complains to you that the air is bad, please don’t doubt what he said.

Sounds a little sad? Good news, then! According to the National Research Institute, in the past ten years, Taiwan’s per capita park area has actually been slowly increasing, and such changes have also contributed to sustainable development.

In 50 years of Earth Day, what kind of books are everyone pushing?

Last year happened to be the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day. The Taiwan Environmental Information Association invited five writers, Wu Mingyi, popular science writer Zhang Dongjun, botanist Dong Jingsheng, meteorologist Peng Qiming, and marine environment worker Chen Renping to recommend good books for everyone. , To understand the environment and the earth from reading together.

So, what books did everyone push back then?

Wu Mingyi recommended “Looking for a Bear: A Story of Me and a Taiwanese Black Bear”, Chen Renping recommended “Living Without Plastic: A Minimalist Life Practice with Zero Trash at Home”, and Zhang Dongjun’s book list includes “Greta’s Appeal: Understanding Climate Change” Science, knowledge, take the right action! “.

Books recommended by Peng Qiming include “Climate Gambling: Delaying Climate Change vs. Risk and Uncertainty, What Can Economics Do with Global Warming?” “, Dong Jingsheng chose “The Secret Language of the Tree: Learn to Listen to the Tree Language and Dive into the Mysterious World of the Tree”

Now recommend it for you! Which books do you think are suitable for reading on Earth Day?

Caring for the earth’s environment is something that each of us can do. Now, we will hand over the pen to all our partners!

Come and leave a comment to write a book that you think is super suitable for Earth Day to read! Whether it’s science fiction, documentary report or popular science book!

If you have a lot of good books in your mind, you can also try to create your own book list in your own personal background!

After reading the book, you can also play our Earth Day quiz!

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