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September 28, 2021 (Fire) 16:47

In November of this year, it was decided that BTS’offline concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE LA” will be held in Los Angeles, USA! !!
It’s been about two years since the final performance of the world tour “LOVE YOURSEL” in Seoul held in October 2019, so it’s a really hot story for ARMY.

However, I don’t think the word “offline concert” is used very often.
Even on Twitter, many people were wondering “What is an offline concert?”, So I will explain it.

This time it will be held in Los Angeles, USA.
You may be a little confused about how to get tickets for overseas performances (; ^ _ ^ A)
So let’s check how to use Ticketmaster written in English.

In this article

・ What is BTS offline concert?
・ How to use Ticketmaster BTS?
・ Reaction before BTS offline concert

I summarized in detail about.

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What is BTS Offline Concert?

Online concerts are concerts that take place online through services such as YouTube.

On the other hand, an offline concert is a concert that is actually held at the venue rented.

In recent years, under the influence of Corona, online concerts are often held.

The advantages of this BTS offline concert are that you can meet BTS directly, you can listen to BTS songs from the beginning to the end because it is a solo concert, and you can share music with fans who are interested in BTS on the spot. Things can be mentioned.

When you are online, you only have the opportunity to interact with each other on SNS, but it is a valuable experience to actually meet and talk.

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Next, I would like to introduce the details of the BTS offline concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE LA”.

BTS Online Concert Schedule

November 27 (Sat) and 28 (Sun), 2021
December 1st (water) and 2nd (wood), 2021

It will be held for a total of 4 days.

BTS Online Concert Venue Location

SoFi Stadium
Address: 1001 Stadium Dr, Inglewood, CA 90301 United States

SoFi Stadium isA comprehensive facility in California, USA.

It’s a new stadium that just opened in September 2020, so it’s very beautiful! !!

It is scheduled to host the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.

The nearest is “Los Angeles International Airport

Since it is located only by car, you need to rent a car or take a taxi.

There was also information that it was an “unsafe area”, so it would be better to quit without any plans.

How to get tickets for BTS online concert


〇November 27, 2021 (Sat)
Wednesday, October 6th, 7am ~
〇November 28, 2021 (Sun)
Wednesday, October 6th, 7am ~
〇December 1, 2021 (water)
Wednesday, October 6th, 7am ~
〇December 2, 2021 (wood)
Wednesday, October 6th, 7am ~

It’s been 7 o’clock,Pay attention to the time difference between America and JapanPlease do! !!

We will continue to add new information as soon as it becomes available (as of 2021/9/28).

Ticketmaster BTS How to do it?

Quote: Ticketmaster official website

Here’s a very rough explanation of how Ticketmaster BTS works.

① Register a Ticketmaster account
→ Click here to register as a new member of Ticketmaster
② Search by artist name “BTS” from the top page of Ticketmaster
③ Check if you can buy

Quote: Ticketmaster official website

“See Tickets” ・ ・ ・ Available for purchase now
“Event Info”, “ON SALE” on the left … It will be released from the date and time displayed on the left.
“See Tickets”, “PRESALE” on the left … Pre-sale

This time as well, pre-sale will start with priority given to those who are in the BTS fan club and those who are watching SNS
It seems that.
You will need to check the official BTS Twitter account in the future.

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I would like to introduce a blogger who explained carefully with images.
“Lady Gaga” is an example, but if you do the same for BTS, you can get a ticket.
BTS is already a world-class artist, so even an American ticket must be a battle! !!
If you think “I’m a little worried about English”, use Google Translate to copy and paste.
→ Black Cat Blog 2021 Edition | How to buy and register at Ticketmaster!I actually bought a Lady Gaga ticket

Reaction before BTS offline concert

Japanese ARMYThere were many positive comments such as “I’m happy to be able to go offline” and “I’m glad I took a step forward.”

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Most people couldn’t go to LA,Wouldn’t it be nice to be so happy that we shed tears?

There are people on the net who have been to live concerts in Los Angeles, so maybe there is a chance to go there.

I just hope that the day when live performances will be free in any country will come soon! !!

Summary: What is BTS Offline Concert? Ticketmaster BTS How to do it?

The BTS offline concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE LA” will be held in Los Angeles, USA, and you can get tickets at the US ticket site “Ticketmaster”.

You can see the details on Weverse, so please check it out in the future ↓

I’m looking forward to seeing Bantan at the BTS offline concert.

The announcement of this news may be close to the day when live concerts will be held in Japan and South Korea.

Not all BTS fans can go to the venue with the corona whirlpool, so I thought, “I’d be happy if you could stream it online.”

Thank you for reading to the end.

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