“What is BJP’s most important flaw?” Rahul Gandhi publishes a poll on Twitter



“What was the BJP government’s major failing?” Rahul Gandhi asked

New Delhi:

Previous congressional president Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP federal government on Saturday by putting up an on the internet poll on Twitter inquiring his followers what his major shortcomings are.

Mr. Gandhi posted the problem “What was the BJP government’s most important failing?” and shown less than it four solutions to vote.

The 4 choices were “unemployment”, “tax extortion”, “inflation” and “atmosphere of hatred”.

At the time of writing, the poll experienced gained 1.22,000 votes, with virtually 50 percent (49%) of the votes for the fifth choice, indicating that the prevalence of the hateful atmosphere was the central government’s most important failure.

According to the post, the government’s next most important failure was unemployment, with 30% of those people who interacted with the poll voting in favor.

Twitter will allow consumers to produce a 24-hour survey.

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