What is a ‘normal’ day like with the stereotype-breaking player agent?

If there is something that Rachel Luba don’t skip, it’s your daily exercise routine. Athlete at last, she is competitive in everything she sets out to do. Like when I was studying in UCLA and set his goal to become a player agent, a historically male-dominated profession.

Also passionate about boxing, which she still practices, Luba’s specialty as ‘Bruin’ was gymnastics. It was during that athlete-student stage that he met his future first client – Major League Baseball (MLB) star pitcher Trevor Bauer – whom he recently helped land a record three-year, $ 102 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“Being a pioneer comes with a lot of responsibility,” Luba told ESPN Sports, referring to being, at 28, the youngest player representative in MLB history. Also one of the 50 most influential people under 30 years of age in sports, according to Forbes.

“I think many times you do not have people who can advise or monitor you. That part can be a bit intimidating … But not because it is different does it mean that it is wrong,” he added.

A normal Luba day can be just as stressful as an ordinary person’s worst day. “Calls, calls … Emails, emails … I definitely need a lot of coffee,” Luba explains with a smile.

“Mind you, I try to get a lot of exercise. I never fail at that. I run about six miles and then do other things. I love learning. That’s what I do in my little spare time. I like to explore and be active. I love photography “he added.

Luba is even part of a space (Cork’d Up Podcast) where she talks about baseball and other topics. But when the time comes to look after the interests of one of her clients, including Bauer himself, the Cuban Yasiel Puig or the Venezuelan Carlos González, there is no one to stop her.

Personalized experience

“The first thing I do is find out what my client wants … What he values ​​and what is important to him. Many times other traditional agents have another vision. They tell you what you should want. My client Bauer, who is the Perfect example, he almost fired his previous agents when they tried to convince him not to have a one-year contract. Everyone thinks that the so-called long-term agreement is what all players want, “Luba said.

Bauer and the Dodgers have agreed to a three-year contract that has exit options after Years 1 and 2, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan. Bauer is expected to make $ 40 million in 2021 and $ 45 million in 2022.

“I use analytics,” he continued. “I ask them: ‘do you want to create a brand?’ Or maybe they tell me that what they want is to improve their performance. The important thing is what the person values, in this case my client, “he added.

How did you learn Spanish?

After graduating ‘magna cum laude’ from UCLA, Luba accepted a job in Spain, even without knowing anyone, in order to learn Spanish. He knew that if he wanted to dedicate himself to representing players, he would have to learn the most widely spoken language in the world.

“I took Spanish from first grade. Also Italian at UCLA, which is quite similar. The reality is that, although I wanted to have a minor degree in Spanish, I was able to graduate a year earlier and move to Spain. There I could speak the language, which is better than just learning theory and grammar, “he said.



Rachel Luba is the youngest woman to be certified as an MLB agent and helped Trevor Bauer become the first player to receive $ 40 million a year.

“I rented an apartment even without knowing anyone. There I changed the tools on my phone to Spanish and they have stayed that way. People like (Carlos) González have helped me a lot. Since his wife doesn’t speak much English, I try to talk everything in Spanish with him and his family. I can understand almost everything. I think it is super important for the client. I would not trust a person who does not speak my language and represents me in contractual matters. “

Luba studied law at Pepperdine University before creating her own agency, working in the legal department of the Baseball Association (MLBPA) on the subject of salary arbitration. He helped the Association bring to a ‘hearing’ a record number of 22 cases, winning 12 against the teams.

Message to the woman

Luba is not the first – nor the last – woman to have experienced labor injustices just because she is a woman … Even though she has more experience and knowledge than many in the same field.

“I tell all women to reject everything that gets in their way. There will be many things that bother you. You have to be patient, choose your battles. Never let that stop you. I discovered that many people in my profession It intimidates my gender, rather than having a problem as such. You have to keep pushing and go the extra mile. It will be worth it. If you don’t, you’re going to have to wait for the next person to do it, “he said.

Luba is not satisfied and assured that she will continue to expand her company.

“Being aware that you make history is weird. I’m just starting out. I have a lot more plans. This is literally the beginning. I want to expand, have a lot of good presence. Expand my agency (Luba Sports) to other sports. Use this representation model to help, “he said.


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