What Happens to the Balance of My Start Grant If You Don’t Withdraw the Money?

Some of the beneficiaries of My Start Scholarship have wondered what happens if I don’t withdraw the money from my financial support to continue my studiesbecause some wonder if this could make me lose the amount deposited or what happens to the money that I already entered my account and if I can leave it there.

A few weeks ago the school cycle 2023-2024but for now the registration is maintained to request support and so that you do not have problems in the future, so we will say how much time you have to withdraw the money and what happens to the balance if you do not do so.

It is worth mentioning that the Government of Mexico City is the one that grants this financial support to students from public schools at the basic level in the Mexico City (CDMX).

What happens to the balance of My Start Grant if I don’t withdraw the money?

The aid program determines the payment days, but if you miss the date there is nothing to worry about, because the accumulated balance is not validso you can have it whenever you want.

What I know means that the beneficiaries They can be managed to make the money deposited with them work, especially if these expenses are related to daily education.

How much do they deposit?

The amounts are granted monthly during the active days of the school year and they are the following:

-$600 for preschool students.

-$650 for primary and secondary level students.

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-$600 for students enrolled in Multiple Care Centers.

My Scholarship to Start: What happens to my card balance on time?

Requirements for registration of My Scholarship to Start

In order to apply for the scholarship you must follow the following steps to the letter:

Enter the program website:


-Click on the button ‘Sign up’

-Enter personal data

-Upload a copy of the curp of the beneficiary

-Upload a copy of the tutor’s current official identification

-Answer the socioeconomic survey

-Click the button ‘To send’

It is important to note that upon completion of registration, you must receive a notification to the assigned email, in which the date and place are specified so that the My Scholarship card for a start.

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