What does fair trade look like in theory and in practice?

We go shopping regularly. But what about fair prices? And what does fair trade actually look like? We will work on these questions together with Kurt Damm, a speaker from Fairtrade Germany, in an interactive workshop.
In addition to the presentation of the Fairtrade concept, we will deal with its effects in the ecological and social area using practical examples. Here, Mr. Damm will report on his experiences and challenges in working with small farmers in developing countries and show where there are still knowledge gaps in research today.
We also want to look at the situation in Germany and ask ourselves how fair trade is in our country.
In order to use the knowledge in our purchasing in everyday life, we will also get an overview of the different groups of Fairtrade seals and the differences between them.

Speaker: Kurt Damm from Fairtrade Germany

Which questions are being addressed?

What does fair trade mean? What does the “fair trade concept” look like?
How is fair trade implemented in developing countries? What ecological and social effects does fair trade have there? What gaps are there in research? What about fair trade in Germany?
What groups of Fairtrade seals are there? What are the differences between these?

fairtrade, fair trade, social justice, global sustainability

Cover picture: TransFair eV / [Jakub Kaliszewski]

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