What does chemotherapy do for your four-legged friend?

  • Also Dogs can get cancer
  • which symptoms shows your dog at one cancer?
  • What does chemotherapy look like?
  • This has to be taken into account during treatment

Dogs, too, are prone to illnesses, especially as they get older – and they can, like humans Krebs to get. But what can you do for your four-legged friend in this case and what does one bring chemotherapy in dogs?

Cancer diagnosis: Your dog shows these symptoms when it is diagnosed with cancer

Die symptoms at a cancer can be very different in dogs. In any case, it is a malignant tissue formation. In contrast to so-called benign tumors, malignant tumors penetrate the surrounding tissue in the case of cancer, spread unhindered and form metastases (secondary tumors). While a benign tumor can usually be surgically removed relatively easily and does not spread further in the body, this is not the case with cancer and the dog dies from the spread of the metastases. There are a few signsthat indicate cancer in your dog:

  • weight loss: If your dog loses weight for no apparent reason (diet, recent surgery), you should definitely consult your veterinarian.
  • Digestion: If the digestion is not in order for a longer period of time, you should check it.
  • Breathing: The same applies to irregular breathing or persistent breathing difficulties.
  • swelling: If you discover unusual swellings or wounds on your four-legged friend’s body that are no longer healing properly, this is a reason for an examination. If the animal is also lame and can no longer run or walk properly, it should be treated quickly by a doctor.
  • Apathy: Is your pet just lying around listlessly, hiding or no longer having an appetite? Then you should act immediately.
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The following also applies to these symptoms: It has to Not are always related to cancer, but the changes can also have other causes. In any case, you should take your animal to a doctor.

What does chemotherapy look like?

Have some tests been made and the diagnosis cancer sure, one can chemotherapy to be started. In a dog, this looks a little different than in human medicine. With humans, the focus is on healing, while with an animal, that welfare and prolongation of life are crucial. Because dogs cannot connect strong physical ailments with a sense like we humans are able to do. Consequently, if the animal suffers unnecessarily, discontinuation of therapy is suggested.

In addition, dogs generally do not live as long as humans and have a smaller body area. Therefore, an increase in life is a tremendous gain for the animal. A chemo for the dog is usually a three months of treatment. It costs around between 3000 and 3500 euros and must be carried by the owner himself. For this, your four-legged friend has to come to the clinic with you once a week and receive special medication.

Since dogs can only tolerate a lower dose of medication than humans, you have to be more careful. There must not be too high a concentration of doses, nor too many different drugs, which is why they are divided. Because of that they are though less effectivebut the animals tolerate the treatment better and cannot receive a dangerous overdose. Treatment often consists of an injection and a 30-minute infusion.

This has to be taken into account during treatment

For appointments at the clinic, you should regularly Tell us how your dog has been during the week. Was the animal okay? Did he throw up often or did he have no appetite? Has it obviously suffered or been in pain? You must always keep an eye on all of this during the treatment. In addition to your reports, your four-legged friend will always have some blood taken to document the animal’s condition.

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Usually run most chemotherapy good. Have many dogs few side effects. Of course, there are also differences depending on the breed and age of the animal. Side effects include, among others Vomiting, diarrhea or severe exhaustion and tiredness. However, it is always crucial how honest you are about your dog’s condition. If an animal suffers permanently from chemotherapy, stopping the treatment must be discussed.

However, if the treatment works well and the animal has little or no side effects to contend with, it may mean that your four-legged friend still has some life ahead of him. Some animals stay for tumor-free for several months or even years. It is therefore worth taking your dog to the veterinary clinic regularly, as it could prolong its life considerably.

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