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What do the five candidates want to sue in the Miyagi constituency of the Upper House election, which will be voted on July 10? Using the “word cloud” method of displaying characteristic words in a large size in the speech, I read the first voice announced on June 22nd. (Editorial Bureau Content Center)

We used a tool called “AI (artificial intelligence) text mining” provided by User Local (Tokyo), which handles big data analysis. Not only the number of times a word appears, but also characteristic words are weighted by a coefficient and indicated by the size of the letters. This time, we targeted nouns (excluding the person’s name) and excluded verbs and adjectives. Other candidate names were paraphrased in parentheses. Introduced in the order of notification.


■ Rookie of various factions, Mr. Ayako Lawrence

In a speech of about 8 minutes, he called “the party” 10 times in a row. He questioned the “way” of education and the press (4 times). The phrase “falling down like a client state” and “standing at a crossroads” was characteristic.

Full text of the first voice of newcomer Lawrence Ayako

■ Mr. Mitsuru Sakurai, incumbent of the Liberal Democratic Party

In a speech of just over 12 minutes, he called the Liberal Democratic Party (including the Liberal Democratic Party) 12 times in a row. “Thank you” to the supporters and industry groups was repeated 12 times, and “Thank you” was repeated 15 times. The name of the Komeito proportional representation candidate was mentioned six times.

Full text of the first voice of Mr. Mitsuru Sakurai, the incumbent of the LDP

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■ Mr. Hitoko Obata, a newcomer to the Constitutional Democratic Party

During the eight-and-a-half-minute speech, he repeatedly emphasized the positions of “mother” (6 times) of “4 men and 4 women” (5 times) and “8 people” (7 times). He referred to “child allowance” four times and “school lunch” three times and appealed for policy.

Full text of the first voice of Ms. Hitoko Obata, a newcomer to the Constitutional Democratic Party

■ Mr. Midori Hirai, a newcomer to the Nippon Ishin no Kai

The most is 5 times of “Nippon Ishin no Kai”. He emphasized that his feet were “wobbled” by the Korona-ka and the invasion of Ukraine, and that he was at a “turning point” in history. Since the speech was short, just over 3 minutes, there was little overlap of words.

The first voice of Mr. Midori Hirai, a newcomer to the Nippon Ishin no Kai

■ Mr. Tomoya Nakae, a newcomer to the NHK party

In a 10-and-a-half-minute speech, he repeated “NHK” 12 times and “NHK Party” 8 times according to the party’s claim. The name of the party leader also appeared nine times. “Gyudon” (6 times) was used as an analogy for NHK’s scrambling.

The first voice of Mr. Tomoya Nakae, a newcomer to the NHK party

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