what dangers await your dog?

Autumn is a beautiful season with warm colors. It is also a season full of dangers for dogs. Indeed, it is in the fall that the opening of the hunt takes place. It is also during this period that mushrooms grow everywhere in the forests and that the parasites are the most virulent. To take care of your dog in the fall, you have to identify the dangers and protect your faithful companion during long walks.

The opening of the hunt

There is not one date for the opening of the hunt, but several. Each department sets its opening and closing dates. A prefectural decree informs of the dates each year. The opening of the hunt almost always takes place at the beginning of autumn. This is why, once the season begins, you must be very vigilant when you go out with your dog in the forest or in the countryside.

Hunting is regulated. Also, during your fall walks, you should be aware of the panels and placards indicating that a hunt is in progress. Do not hesitate to take a detour or choose another destination to enjoy nature. If you still choose to walk in the forest, it is best to keep your dog on a leash so that it is not mistaken for a wild animal. We also recommend that you wear a fluorescent vest to indicate your presence to hunters.


In autumn, the temperatures are mild and the humidity is there. This is an ideal environment for fleas and ticks to proliferate. These pests are present in the garden and in nature. They like tall grass. As your dog passes by, the parasites cling to the hair and climb close to the skin.

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It is imperative to protect your dog from fleas but also and above all from ticks. These carry disease. Among them are:

  • Lyme disease,
  • l’ehrlichiose,
  • l’anaplasmosis,
  • la piroplasmosis.

It should also be noted that parasites can generate allergies. This is particularly the case with tick saliva. Remember that ticks can live but also reproduce when the temperature is between 0°C and 20°C. For their part, fleas can lay up to 100 eggs per day. To protect your dog from parasites, you should give him parasiticide every 3 months. Also, make sure your dog is up to date with his vaccines.


Like parasites, ringworm is more virulent in the fall. This skin condition is transmissible to humans. Ringworm is a highly contagious fungal disease that animals pass on to each other during the summer season. It is in the fall that the symptoms of the disease appear. Here are some signs to watch out for.

  • Skin lesions, scales, scabs,
  • Inflammations,
  • Broken hairs, depilation, alopecia.

Sometimes the claws are also affected. Mycosis affects both skin and hair. To reduce the risk of ringworm, your dog simply needs to have excellent hygiene. If your dog is given antifungal treatment, it is a good idea to add fat to his meals. It allows a better assimilation of the treatment.

The mushrooms

Autumn is hunting season, but also mushroom season. Although most of them are not poisonous, some can poison your dog. Even if canids have a very developed sense of smell, they are unable to tell the difference between a toxic mushroom and a healthy mushroom. Poisoning can cost your faithful companion his life. There are certain signs that should alert you. If your dog is suffering from vomiting, diarrhea that may be bloody, abdominal pain, dehydration or fever, he has been poisoned. You should immediately go to the vet. If left untreated, your pet can die of liver and kidney failure in less than a week. During walks, make sure your dog does not eat mushrooms. once at home, be attentive to the different symptoms.

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Be aware that in addition to mushrooms, your dog can put himself in danger by eating acorns, pine cones or even fruit. Those of the holly are very poisonous. Vigilance is therefore essential throughout the walk, especially with young dogs.


Once summer ends, temperatures drop and the days get shorter. Darkness can be a danger to your dog. During your walks, it is possible that you lose sight of your dog. But it is also possible that you actually lose it! To prevent this situation from turning into a tragedy, it is important to properly teach your dog recall. Also remember to identify it. It is mandatory ! Identification is possible using an electronic chip. This is the size of a grain of rice. It is injected under the skin. It is also possible to opt for the tattoo but the practice is now rarer. If your dog is identified, it can be returned to you as soon as possible. However, when night falls, it is best not to untie your dog.


Humidity is a danger for dogs. Of course, it won’t kill them, but it can cause pain in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. Joint disease affects 1 in 5 dogs. Affected animals suffer from cartilage destruction. When temperatures drop and humidity is present, osteoarthritis pain is felt. It is not uncommon for dogs to limp. In this case, it is necessary to avoid physical exercise without eliminating walks. It is also advisable to make an appointment with a veterinarian so that your dog has treatment.

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Caring for your dog in the fall

Autumn is a season full of dangers. For your dog to live it well, you must take care of him. Because at this time of year, it moults. It is therefore wise to brush it several times a week. Also remember to apply a pest control. If your dog has fleas, you need to give him a treating shampoo. For safe walks, prefer a harness with reflective strips. If your dog lives outdoors, you should increase his daily rations by 10 to 20%. His body burns more energy to resist the cold.

Also remember to make an appointment with your veterinarian before winter. As is the case for us, temperature variations can weaken your dog. Talking to the veterinarian allows your faithful companion to better face the cold. During this appointment, the professional will be able to do the vaccine reminders, deworm your dog and apply an antiparasitic. If your dog is getting older, he can also advise you on the habits to adopt to ensure his comfort.

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