What are the recipes for the recipes of the horns of the gods?

There are a lot of recipes in the skills of the gods. Recipes can help us improve the game experience. Therefore, it is very important. So which recipes are there? Let’s take a look with the editor.

What are the recipes of the horns:

Roasted mushrooms: mushrooms.

Barbecue: cuts of meat.

Poached eggs: eggs.

Fried meat with mushrooms: meat, mushrooms.

Bread: wheat.

Tomato juice: tomatoes.

Stir-fried meat with seasonal vegetables: meat, carrots, (white radish).

Bacon pork chop: meat, egg, (sea salt).

Mushroom pizza: mushrooms, wheat, (cheese).

Bibimbap: egg, meat, (cucumber), (broccoli).

Mushroom omelet: eggs, mushrooms, (butter).

Lo Mein in Tomato Sauce: Wheat, Tomato, (Sea Salt).

Rou Zong: rice, meat.

Golden glutinous rice balls: rice, sucrose, (butter).

Coconut milk: coconut.

Milk ice cream: milk, eggs, (glacial water).

Milk sugar: milk, cane sugar.

Oysters: clam meat.

Vegetable chowder noodles: (broccoli), tomato, wheat.

Energy bars: milk, wheat, (sunflower seeds).

Fruit salad: strawberry, apple, (blueberry).

Shrimp sushi: (bourbon lobster), rice; shrimp + rice.

Three fresh noodles: mushrooms, cabbage, meat, wheat.

Mushroom soup: mushrooms, glacier water (made with ice cubes).

Meat rolls: meat chunks, wheat.

Vegetable soup: tomato, cabbage, glacier water.

Soda wort: wheat, glacier water.

Boiled eggs: eggs, glacier water.

Steamed fish tail: (squid), (ginger), glacier water; fish + glacier water.

Hamburger: meat, wheat, tomato.

Vegetable salad: egg, tomato, (cabbage), (white radish).

Steamed scallops: clam meat, broccoli.

Glutinous rice balls: rice, meat, carrots.

Snow lotus soup: Snow lotus, glacier water, (egg).

Ham streamed eggs: ham, eggs, (broccoli), (sunflower seeds).

Flavored meat: meat, butter, (honey).

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Pan-fried fish tail: (squid), butter, (mint); fish + butter.

Bean Paste: Red beans, wheat, butter.

Red bean glutinous rice: rice, red beans, broccoli.

Shrimp tempura: shrimp, wheat, butter.

Luxurious fruit platter: strawberries, blueberries, (pineapple), grapes; replace pineapple with apples.

Tomato soup: tomatoes, glacier water, (snow lotus).

Devil stew: meat, (animal meat), pumpkin; animal meat is replaced with ham.

Grape juice: grapes, glacier water.

Ginger mushrooms: mushrooms, ginger.

Cherry juice: cherries, glacier water.

Sea salt barbecue: meat pieces, sea salt.

Red beans and brown rice: red beans, rice, cane sugar.

Pumpkin pot: pumpkin, rice.

Nourishing stew: ginseng, meat pieces, glacier water.

Potato Roast: Potatoes, (ginger), meat pieces.

Spicy meat skewers: meat pieces, peppers.

Potato and mushroom soup: potatoes, mushrooms, (cheese).

Blueberry cheese pot: blueberries, tomatoes, cheese.

Nachos with tomato sauce: tomatoes, corn.

Potato saucepan: potatoes, butter.

Cold seasonal vegetables: tomato, cabbage, cucumber, pepper.

Braised Pork: Meat, (garlic), ginger.

Mala Tang: peppers, meat, carrots.

Small fried meat: meat, corn, (garlic), sea salt.

Fried shrimp balls: bamboo joint shrimp, ginger, (garlic), sea salt.

Stir-fried three fresh: mushrooms, broccoli, pumpkin.

Truffle sashimi: truffle, (salmon), potatoes, sea salt; salmon replaced by crucian.

The above is a summary of the recipes of the gods that this editor brings to you, I hope you like it.

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