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Anti Covid dogs in concerts: this is the decision taken by Metallica for their performances in a period of pandemic.

It was hard for the bands to get back on stage, in the middle of pandemic and adopt new measures to comply with the anti-COVID regulations in force. Metallica, however, succeeded and decided to use – for safety reasons – sniffer dogs to identify people affected by the virus. According to reports Rolling Stone, in addition to Metallica also i Tool they had the same approach to the problem.


Metallica, anti Covid dogs for their concerts

According to reports from Rolling Stone and from other sites, Metallica have approached the company Bio Detection K9 – based in Ohio – to obtain the anti Covid dogs, in order to offer maximum safety to the participants during the autumn dates of their tour and the same did the Tool too. The company has been in business for over a decade, even before the recent pandemic: it used its dogs to detect viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The company’s dogs (12 are currently in service with seven / eight others in training) are specifically trained to detect COVID-19 and its various strains, excluding the influences e i seasonal colds. The program was initiated in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture and other government agencies.

How animals are used

It should be noted that anti-COVID dogs were not used to inspect the entire concert audience, rather to examine small groups of people. “We are not looking for entire stadiums; it is not what we work for“, He told SWVA Today Shawn Reed, director of training and operations for Bio Detection K9. “I don’t take a dog and search a crowd of 60,000“.

Explaining the process, Reed revealed that people are being asked to wear one mask for at least 10 minutes prior to testing, in order to provide a more concentrated sample for the dog. After doing this, the dog passes and inspects the mask held in his hands.

Company president Jerry Johnson added that he has worked with dog teams in Iraq and Afghanistan. After about six weeks of training, dogs are taught to smell people’s hands and feet and if they react by sitting down, it means they have detected the virus. In addition to Metallica, Bio Detection K9 has worked with the country superstar Eric Church, i rocker Twenty One Pilots, con NASCAR e Chicago Marathon.

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