Wenxing fainted after contracting the virus, still busy with work and complained of physical and mental exhaustion | MAMAMOO | Yoo Bin | Bada

[Epoch Times, June 23, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled and reported) Minxing, a member of the popular Korean girl group MAMAMOO, broadcasted on the evening of the 22nd. Zhong said frankly that although she was tired and needed a rest, she was worried that she might not have a job after the rest. She was physically and mentally exhausted due to overwork, which made her wonder “whether I am doing this job correctly”.

As a member of MAMAMOO, Minxing released the group’s Korean and Japanese albums and other works last year. In January this year, she released her third mini-album “6equence” and the single album “CITT (Cheese in the Trap)” at the end of April. “. She recently ushered in the eighth anniversary of her debut, and she will also prepare to release a new album and prepare for a concert in the second half of the year as a member of MAMAMOO.

On the 22nd broadcast of “The Shooters”, Min-sung, who was busy with work, shared his mood by reading a letter he wrote. When she was reading the letter, she choked up when she read “Recently I…”, and after calming down a little, she continued: “Recently, I have been running since last year, but the repeated daily life has also become physically weak. Very tired. Even though I feel like I have to take a little break, I am afraid that there will be no next (job) and will think a lot now.”

Wenxing said that she likes to talk to the sisters who are in the regular team on the show very much, and meeting the sisters seems to have helped her a lot in life. For this, she is very grateful to the sisters whether they chat privately in the chat room, Or give her encouragement and warmth in private personal interactions, which also makes her want to be like the person who takes care of her sisters.

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She said frankly that she experienced a feeling of burnout, as if her body and mind were burned out. Cai Lina revealed that Wen Xing had fallen down several times because of the previous infection. Although the sequelae of the infection caused her poor health, Wen Xing still worked hard to persevere.

Moon Sung said frankly with tears in his eyes: “I often have such thoughts recently, thinking ‘Am I right to keep doing this?’ If I take a break now, I’ll start to create something again later. I’ve been thinking a lot recently. But if I’m with my sisters, I can forget about it a little bit.”

When Bada heard what Wenxing said, she said that her sisters had experienced the same thing 10 or 20 years ago, so when she looked at Wenxing like her past self, she felt her pain and supported her even more. In order to understand Moon Sung’s situation, I also want to share the experience of “If only I knew these things at the time” with Moon Sung.

In this regard, Moon Sung nodded in response while wiping away tears, and heard Bada say, “Thank you very much for telling us this, we will get closer to you and talk more, so that’s okay? ”, nodded deeply and said, “Of course”, then wiped away tears and smiled. (Click to watch the program segment

The program also revealed the interactions and conversations between Moon Sung and other regular members at their residences. When everyone talked about “(worrying) if you miss this opportunity, there will be no next time”, Minxing admitted that when she was not feeling well, she thought “I have continued to run hard until now, if I suddenly take a break, Then I’ve worked so hard to run so far, and it feels like it’s meaningless.”

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Yoo Bin, a former member of Wonder Girls, responded, “You seem to need to devote your energy to other things.” She thought that Min Sung, who is too focused on his career, should look for interests other than work and find something that can make him feel happy and relaxed.

After the program was released, fans from all over the world felt distressed that Minxing confessed her situation in tears, and wrote on the Internet “It hurts to watch”, “I hope Minxing can rest well”, “It’s really hard”, “Health is the best”. Important” and so on.

Responsible editor: Liu Yuhan

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