Wellen Introduces World’s Fastest Robot Dog | news

The Chinese company Wellen presented a robot dog capable of speeds up to 15 kilometers per hour. The authors of the development claim that this is the fastest robot on the market today.

The creators of AlphaDog list many advantages over live pets.

A robotic dog will not ruin the carpet and furniture, it does not need to be fed or walked, and it has artificial intelligence. This means that the robot dog can hear and see the owner, as well as analyze the information received and learn various commands.

“AlphaDog is equipped with visual capabilities and sensors that allow it to sense its environment. The robot can predict friction and ground height, adjust height, cadence and adapt to the environment, ”said Wellen.

5G support allows AlphaDog to be used as a courier for delivering parcels and as a guide for the blind.

AlphaDog is already on sale in the Chinese market. The cost of a robotic dog is rather big – 16 thousand yuan (about 184.3 thousand rubles), but the high price has scared off buyers, the developer has already received over 1.8 thousand by ordering for his invention.

We previously reported that a robot with superhuman perception has learned to detect objects through walls.


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